At Dire Wolf Digital, we are designers and developers of online strategy and social games, with a proven track record and expertise in digital collectibles and trading card and miniatures games. We are a one-stop shop for IP holders looking to extend their brands and looking to create synergies with collectible gaming in their communities.

Based in Denver, CO, the Dire Wolf team has years of experience and has shipped more than ten titles and thirty expansions in the digital collectibles space. We are passionate about playing and making fun games, and are committed to creating high-quality and innovative gaming experiences.

Who are we?

Scott Martins – President

An industry veteran of 14 years, Scott has experience leading teams to success. His last company, Worlds Apart Productions, was acquired by Sony Online Entertainment in 2006. As Studio Head at SOE Denver, Scott was responsible for managing a rapidly growing dev team, and for the development of a profitable digital collectibles business. Scott combines a love and passion for gaming with a determined, business-minded sensibility.

Scott enjoys speed chess, foosball, poker, pool and darts – all sure signs of a misspent youth.

Favorite Video Game: Kingdom Rush
Favorite Movie: Lonesome Dove
Favorite Movie Quote: “We all got it coming, kid.”

Paul Dennen – Creative Director

Paul has over a decade of working experience on digital collectible games. He has design credits to such titles as Legends of Norrath, Star Wars Galaxies TCG, and the Free Realms TCG. Paul’s innovative game, Star Chamber, was named Best Independent Game of 2005 by Computer Games Magazine, who said that it was “…one of the best-designed computer games of the past five years.“

Paul likes to exercise his programming skills to build rapid game prototypes. In his spare time, he enjoys gaming (of course!), movies, vegetarian cooking, and hanging out at home with his cats.

Favorite Movie: This is Spinal Tap
Favorite Songwriter: Andy Partridge
Favorite Lawyer: Mahatma Gandhi
Favorite Doctor: Tom Baker

Ryan Anderson – Technical Lead

Ryan brings a wealth of experience in building back-end systems to support digital collectible games. He was one of the lead programmers that brought Legends of Norrath to the worlds of EverQuest and EverQuest II during his time at Sony Online Entertainment. Ryan also worked at Idol Minds, where he worked on console games for the PS2 and PS3. As if that wasn’t enough, Ryan has reached expert level on Rock Band. Rock on.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Skiing
Favorite Tabletop Game: Dungeons and Dragons
Favorite Collectible: Collector’s Edition LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer – proudly displayed on his mantle

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