Halloween Party 2015

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The pack descended on the Alamo Draft House for a new DWD tradition: a private Halloween screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Times were warped, but nearly every single Dire Wolf escaped with some measure of their dignity intact…and we’re not sure if that counts as a success or a failure.

Minecraft Monday

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Building amazing pizzas, one brick at a time.

This week, Dire Wolf Digital hosted our first, “Minecraft Monday” get together.  We setup a dedicated server and invited folks of all ages to come and play together.  It was a great few hours of networking fun, pizza, and of course mining. Read More

Picnic Run = Fun

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Who said video game production was all about cheesy-poofs and soda pop?

Our star athletes Maggie and Dan have formed a formidable company run club to help promote a fun and healthy team environment.  Every week the Dire Wolf group ventures forth in the Denver Metro area to demonstrate to the planet just how exercise in the work place (or outside thereof) should be done. Read More

Dire Wolf Breakfast

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Hungry like the wolf!

Whether coding, QA’ing, or designing games, one can work up a serious appetite.  And, as the saying holds, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  Here at Dire Wolf Digital, we never take that phrase lightly.  Thus, our fabulous team organizes and hosts a monthly morning get together.
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Dire Wolf Group Hike

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We Eat 14er’s for Breakfast!

What do Dire Wolves do when they are not building crazy-amazing games? Climb mountains of course! This summer we hiked to the summit of Grays Peak.  Grays is one of the tallest mountains in North America, topping out at 14,278 feet. From the trail head, we could see the mountain miles away in the distance, simply huge, and beautiful.  Along the way to the peak we crossed streams, patches of snow, and miles of tundra filled with yellow, red, blue, and purple wild flowers. Read More