2/4/20 Patch Notes

2/4/20 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes and UI Improvements

  • Improved the layout of relic arrays to prioritize showing relics with activated abilities at the front of the array (if they’re still useable that turn).
  • The Midnight Storm gauntlet AI decks has had its contents updated for better gameplay against the AI.
  • Hangers from Sites should no longer go off of the screen when viewed on mobile devices.
  • The Promises by Firelight Campaign will no longer show a completed checkmark if you have not yet defeated the 5th wing of the campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where some users would see Help Tips for reminders that they had already dismissed.
  • Fixed an issue navigating relic arrays for users playing with a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where Berserk was not present the Glossary of battle skills.
  • Fixed an issue where users without “Advanced Deckbuilder” mode enabled couldn’t see power cards in their Markets.
  • To improve deckbuilder usability, unowned premiums do not appear by default when crafting is enabled. Unowned premiums can still be viewed by selecting the “Premium” checkbox in Advanced Filters.
  • Fixed an issue where a user could not choose which card to negate if multiple enemy cards were on the stack at once.
  • Fixed an issue where some effects that played spells or curses would present the card in the wrong presentation pile, sometimes preventing interaction or blocking an opponent’s ability to negate the effect.

Card Fixes

  • Birthright will now work properly when replacing a Site in play.
  • Common Cause is now cancelable during the prompt “Select an influence to gain.”
  • Several cards have had their projectile VFX updated to better indicate the source/target of the cards’ effects.
  • Decimating Waylay and then stealing an opponent’s Felrauk the Outcast will now correctly play the unit if you have the necessary Primal and Shadow Influences.
  • Blurred Stygimoloch’s cost reduction ability now properly updates when a stolen unit is returned to the previous owner.
  • Fixed a bug where Mitotic Wisp was counting deaths from other units when it was killed at the same time as them (for example when multiple units died to Harsh Rule).
  • Street Urchin’s death SFX have been improved.
  • Street Urchin should no longer damage its owner if that player plays Corrupt.
  • Last Rites and Ark of Sol now properly say “Choose a Sigil to play” when selecting Sigils, rather than their name.
  • The Bargain cards are now searchable in the deck editor when searching for “Market”.
  • Heartstopper will no longer steal cards that are Voidbound when they are discarded.
  • Fixed an issue where Funeral Pyre wouldn’t deal damage to one of the selected enemies if one of the selections was removed before the spell resolved.
  • Waystone Fragment’s Hanger are now in the correct order.
  • Bloodseeker’s stats should now correctly update in the void if attacked by a relic weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where Cast Into Shadow, when Decimated, would fail to kill the primary target if the only other possible target is killed in response.
  • Felrauk’s Choice should no longer draw Curses from the void if it is blocked by Aegis.

Templating Updates

These cards have not functionally changed, but had their wording updated to better reflect how their abilities work to improve text length and clarity.

  • Vizier’s Tablet has had its templating change to say: “Pay 3 to make the enemy player discard the top card of their deck. If it was a unit, you gain 1 health.”
  • In Cold Blood has had its template updated to say: “Kill an enemy unit. If it was Justice, the enemy player discards each copy from their hand and deck. They get Voidbound. You lose all Justice influence.
  • Iceberg Scattershot has had its template updated to say: “When you play a unit, it deals 1 damage to the enemy player.”
  • Decimation has had its template updated to say: “Deal 10 damage. Decimation can’t be negated or stopped by Aegis.”
  • Wump, Party Starter has had its template updated to say: “When you play a yeti, it deals 1 damage to the enemy player. Your other Yeti have +1/+1.”
  • Shattered Hopes has had its template updated to say “Choose a card with cost 4 or more from the enemy player’s hand. They discard it. Decimate: Shattered Hopes can’t be negated or stopped by Aegis. If the enemy player has an Aegis, take it.”
  • Nakova and Molot have had their template update to say: “Summon: Deal 4 damage to each enemy. This can’t be stopped by Aegis. Enemies killed this turn get Voidbound.”
  • Edict of Shavka has had its template updated to say: “Edict of Shavka can’t be negated or stopped by Aegis. Deal 1 damage to an enemy. If it’s Justice or Primal, deal 5 damage to it instead.”
  • Preserver of Dualities has had its template updated to say: “When you play a Radiant, play a 1/1 Wisp.”
  • Disassembler has had its template updated to say: “When one of your Grenadin dies, deal 1 damage to the enemy player.”
  • Evelina, Valley Searcher has had her template updated to say: “When you play an Explorer, Dinosaurs in your hand get +1/+1.”
  • Fortune Stranger has had his template updated to say: “When a player plays a Stranger, that player draws a card.”
  • End of the Story has had its template updated to say: “Tribute: End of the Story can’t be negated or stopped by Aegis.”

If you have any questions, or encounter any issues, please let us know at support@direwolfdigital.com or via in-game Feedback (under Options).