1.51 Patch Notes

1.51 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Can you hear the whispers? Preorders are now available for Whispers of the Throne!
  • The Whispers of the Throne pre-release event is coming soon! Play through with five different decks to get your first look at ten new cards coming in Whispers of the Throne!
  • Practice Mode is now available in Expedition!
  • Daily wins should now be tracked on the Quest screen.
  • Improved search for 3 faction and alternative art cards.

Card Sharing

  • Collectible cards can be shared through in-game chat by typing [CARDNAME] into chat. This will allow players to see valid cards linked this way as a card tile, like it would appear in the deckbuilder.
  • Hover over the shared link to see a full card zoom!
  • If several cards are linked, a “Show More” button will appear in chat that will expand to show all cards when clicked.

Bug Fixes

  • Added an additional end of turn pause after end of turn effects that create units (such as Unkindness).
  • Viewing the premium cards from the Trials of Grodov campaign will no longer lead to a blank scene.
  • Improved the pacing of some onboarding campaign missions.
  • Fixed a couple of VO issues in the onboarding campaign.
  • The Night Lurker Totem should now animate properly during replays.
  • Improvements to the Expedition filter in deckbuilder.
  • While in play, relic weapons granted Revenge from Touch of Resiliency will no longer appear green after the Revenge skill has been lost and replaced with Destiny.
  • Set filters in Draft deckbuilder should no appear longer blank.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the subtitles in the Homecoming cinematics were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Sample Hand” feature could not be used when a player had 5 or more copies of a card in their draft deck.
  • The Find the Waystones Gauntlet boss power should no longer be blocked by Aegis.
  • Cards on the playmat that have been transformed will properly display their new greyed-out influence and current hangers.
  • New Tags are no longer added to cards that are obtained if a player previously crafted a copy.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the card total of a deck to display as 0/75 when switching the to the expanded view after making changes.

Card Fixes

  • Master’s Blade’s Spellcraft should now properly trigger if the only target is Shen-Ra Unbreakable.
  • Fixed an issue where Gravewatch Ancestor’s ultimate would sometimes not update after a corrupted unit died during combat.
  • Having Multiple Kaleb’s Sanctums will no longer leave the units with 0 weapons, but instead a random weapon on each unit.
  • Makkar Stranger’s attack trigger should no long bypass Aegis when it is making a killer attack against the same unit.
  • Distilled Venom should no longer work for enemy Twist effects if the cursed unit is stolen.
  • Sol’s Rest should no longer play audio twice if played on the enemy player’s turn.
  • Great Kiln Titan’s VFX should no longer persist over units played this way.
  • Void Drummer’s VFX have been improved.
  • Eilyn’s Intervention should no longer strong hint at all times while you control a Yeti.
  • Felrauk, the Outcast’s discard prompt now red hints to the player discarding a card.
  • Added the Depleted hanger to Ark of Sol.
  • Distilled Venom should now properly play twist VFX over the cursed units.
  • Improved the targeting VFX of Strange Duelist.
  • Pack Conjuring and Earth Conjuring should now each show a prompt describing how large their effect will be while selecting a unit.
  • Vara’s Intervention’s VFX have been improved.
  • Silencing a unit affected by Zadia’s “can’t block” ability no longer removes the can’t block VFX, as the unit is still unable to block.
  • Mind Link will no longer make copies of cards transformed in the enemy deck with Royal Decree.
  • Voprex the Great Ruin should no longer have the enemy player discard cards to your void when you have a Statuary Maiden in play.
  • Equivocating a unit in response to its damage-dealing ability should no longer modify the damage with the new, transformed unit’s battleskills.

If you have any questions, or encounter any issues, please let us know at support@direwolfdigital.com or via in-game Feedback (under Options).