12/17 Update

12/17 Update

Bug Fixes:

  • Krull, Xumuc Occultist’s Fate ability should deal damage at the correct time.
  • Burr-Spore Fern should no longer copy the amplifications of a spell when playing a copy.
  • Crown of Possibilities has been updated to include Regen.
  • The Nightmare Commander achievement wording has been updated.
  • Daring Swordsmaster should now properly interact with Amplify and has an aura when it will play a weapon at the end of the turn.
  • Nectar of Unlife no longer automatically amplifies once.
  • Nectar of Unlife can now target friendly targets.
  • Units stolen by curses should no longer return to their original owner when transformed.
  • Just Desserts should now work properly with multi-blocking.
  • Valkyrie-Warp hanger is now punctuated properly.
  • Just Desserts should interact properly with Rolant, Iron Tyrant.
  • Deadly Confrontation can no longer be played on Reyna, the Unwavering.
  • Daru Lee should no longer transform enemy units if the opponent has Sling of the Chi.
  • Steam and Xbox Achievements are now available for Empire of Glass.

Card Fixes:

  • The German translation for Cyber Combustion now properly calls out “all non-Grenadin” units.
  • Shadowcreeper VFX has been improved.
  • Rotoscavenger has been updated to be a Grenadin Dog.
  • Shock Troops now references its name correctly in its text.
  • Izha Chi, Daredevil has been updated to be a Mage Bird.
  • Pesky Wirechewer has been updated to be a Grenadin Rodent
  • Send the Reserves is now playable while at unit cap and weak hints properly.
  • Talir, Timejumper will no longer use her ability from the void.
  • Customs Officer’s link now properly is removed when the unit leaves the market.

General Improvements:

  • Several cards from Empire of Glass have had their audio improved or added.
  • Several Avatar crops have been improved.
  • Improved the AI’s understanding of Regen.
  • Improved the AI’s understanding of decay and relic weapons.


As always, thank you so much for your support and patience! If you run into any issues while playing Eternal please let us know via in-game feedback or drop a line to support@direwolfdigital.com so we can take a look!