12/23 Update

12/23 Update


Bug Fixes:

  • Invasive Species should now cost Power to Bargain.
  • Emerald Incarnation’s subtype is Illusion.
  • Improved The Speaking Circle’s interaction with other spells.
  • Fixed another issue that sometimes stacked non-identical copies of cards in selection windows.
  • Cards that “Fate: draw a card” should now work when drawn by different “choose and draw” effects.
  • Resolved inconsistencies with Aurapiercer’s ability to make spells ignore Aegis.
  • Burr-Spore Fern should not copy the number of times the original spell was Amplified.
  • Shock Troops should now requires a card to Amplify one or more times to trigger its Ultimate ability.
  • Talir, Timejumper’s ability no longer consumes unconsumed battle skills. 
  • Restored Snow Pelting’s ability to target enemy sites.


Card Fixes:

  • Fixed another issue with Incineration hints.
  • Shadowcreeper’s VFX have been improved.
  • Shorthopper’s summon ability should now play Market VFX.
  • The Queen of Glass now displays a link with your other units in play.
  • Clear the Way should have its amplify prompt.


General Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue that caused a few cards to get mixed up during decklist import/export.
  • The Uxu Sated achievement wording has been updated.
  • Added new Empire of Glass opponents to Gauntlet and Forge

Thanks for your continued patience and support! As always, if you run into any issues, please let us know via in-game feedback or to support@direwolfdigital.com so we can take a look!

Happy Holidays!