2020 Eternal World Championship!

2020 Eternal World Championship!

On November 14th, 24 of the best Eternal players in the world will compete for their share of a $50,000 prize pool and the title of Eternal World Champion!

Follow all of the action with an entire week of broadcasts starting on the 16th until we crown a champion on Sunday November 22nd. Make sure to follow Twitch.tv/direwolfdigital to get notifications when we go live!

Rank       Prizes
1  $15,000
2 $8,000
3-4 $3,500
5-8 $2,000
9-16 $1,000
17-24 $500



This year’s World Championship features both Expedition and Throne formats over three stages, with players bringing their best deck for each.  All matches will be Best-of-3 until the finals of the tournament.

In the Stage of 24, players will do battle for six swiss-style rounds, with three matches in each format. Once a player gets their third win, they will advance immediately to the Top 16. When a player receives their fourth loss, they will be eliminated. Stage of 24 matches will be recorded on the 14th with broadcasts each day from the 16th-20th at 13:00 MST (20:00 UTC) showing highlighted matches.

Stage of 24 

  • 24 players
  • 6 rounds, Best of Three
    • 3 rounds of Throne
    • 3 Rounds of Expedition
  • 3rd win advances to Stage 2
  • 4th loss eliminates
  • Be online for games at 11:00am MST 11/14
  • Submit 1 Throne and 1 Expedition Deck before 16:00p MST 11/13. Instructions will be provided.

For the Top 16, players will do battle across five swiss-style rounds, two Expedition and three Throne. Players will advance on their third win and be eliminated following their third loss. The Top 16 will take place on November 21st at 11:00 MST (18:00 UTC) and be broadcast live.

Top 16

  • 16 players
  • 5 rounds, best of 3
    • 2 rounds of Expedition
    • 3 rounds of Throne
  • Same decks as before
  • 3rd win advances to Top 8
  • 3rd loss eliminates
  • Be online for games at 11:00am MST 11/21

For our Top 8, the players will face off in a single-elimination bracket to determine the Eternal World Champion. All the matches will be Throne. The final match will be Best-of-Five. Every match will be shown live on twitch.tv/direwolfdigital starting on Sunday, November, 22nd at  11:00 MST (18:00 UTC).

Top 8

  • 8 Players
  • Single elimination bracket
  • Best of 3 quarterfinals
  • Best of 3 semifinals
  • Best of 5 finals
  • All games are Throne
  • Same Throne Deck from before
  • Be online for games at 11:00am MST 11/22

Its been a long road to Worlds 2020, spanning almost a year and dozens of events. The landscape of Eternal has grown by more than half a dozen releases since we set out, and we’re thrilled to see how the Championship plays out. Join us for the exciting conclusion of this season in Eternal, and cheer on our players!



AdreusDefending Champion
BruisedByGod1st place: ECQ: The Time of Ancestors
Colacoma1st place: ECQ: Promises by Firelight
LightsOutAce1st place: ECQ Stange Lands
Miol29Winter Throne Champion
NotargWinter Expedition Champion
Twanbon1st place: ECQ: Echoes of Eternity
VirginMary1st place: ECQ: Aftershock
TheBoxer1st place: ECQ: Whispers of the Throne
nico_abaSpring Expedition Champion
SunyveilSpring Throne Champion
Collecter1st place: ECQ: Shadow of the Spire
Gage9021st place: ECQ: Dead or Alive
AppleChips1st place: Festival of Inspiration
SkelleSummer Throne Champion
RoninXSummer Expedition Champion
Gunner1161st place: Draft Championship
Vaderman2nd place: Draft Championship
StormblessedSemifinalist: Draft Championship
Aranq13Semifinalist: Draft Championship
Doc281st place: Last Chance Qualifier
Kasendrith2nd place: Last Chance Qualifier
TydreigonSemifinalist: Last Chance Qualifier
AlwaysFaceSemifinalist: Last Chance Qualifier