2022 Eternal World Championship Format

2022 Eternal World Championship Format

Our final qualifying event is in the books, and the field is set for the 2022 Eternal® World Championship, December 17-18th! All three major formats – Draft, Expedition, and Throne – will be in play as 16 of Eternal‘s top players battle it out for a $55,000 prize pool and the right to be called the World Champion!

Here are our competitors:

theovermaster2021 Eternal World Champion
Watchwolf92Valley Disturbed $5K Expedition Open
ItsTenzSyl's Ambition $5K Draft Open
PortichShavka Reborn $5K Throne Open
gozuuuMultiple Top 4 Finishes
CollecterMultiple Top 4 Finishes
iron_manKrogar's Choice $5K Expedition Open
JaNoJourney of the Six $5K Draft Open
Game_GrompTuesday Night Eternal
AlexFieroMultiple Top 4 Finishes & Open Winner
TheBergundA Risky Investment $5K Throne Open
ApplechipsWest's Disgrace $5K Expedition Open
FiendAlone $5k Draft Open
NotoriousGHPMultiple Top 4 Finishes
imestr8Multiple Top 4 Finishes & Open Winner
AlisonThe Long Path $5k Throne Open

Note: Because five players qualified via Multiple Top 4 Finishes throughout the season, the potential Last Chance Qualifier event scheduled for December 2-3 is not necessary and will not be played.

Event Structure

This year’s World Championship will use the same format as last year’s championship: participants will compete in all three Eternal formats (Draft, Throne, and Expedition) over two days.

The event will begin with nine Swiss style rounds of best-of-three matches, with three matches in each format. After these rounds are completed, the players with the top four records* will advance to a single-elimination bracket where they will play best-of-five matches in the Expedition format.

* In the event of a tie for the top four spots, a single-elimination best-of-three playoff round will be held to determine the top four.

Day One – Begins 11:00 AM MST (18:00 UTC) on Saturday, December 17th, 2022

Swiss Rounds 1-3

  • 16 Players
  • 3 Rounds, Best-of-Three
  • Draft Format

Swiss Rounds 4-6

  • 16 Players
  • 3 Rounds, Best-of-Three
  • Throne Format

Day Two – Begins 11:00 AM MST (18:00 UTC) on Sunday, December 18th, 2022

Swiss Rounds 7-9

  • 16 Players
  • 3 Rounds, Best-of-Three
  • Expedition Format

*If Necessary* Playoff Round

  • Players tied for Top 4 positions
  • Single-Elimination, Best-of-Three
  • Expedition Format
  • Same Expedition decks used for Swiss round

Top 4 Single Elimination Bracket

  • 4 Players
  • Single-Elimination, Best-of-Five
  • Expedition Format
  • Same Expedition decks used for Swiss rounds

$55,000 Prize Pool

In addition to their winnings from throughout the Organized Play season, all World Championship competitors will walk away with cash prizes!

____Rank____ Prizes
1 $15,000
2 $10,000
3-4 $6,000
5-8 $2,000
9-12 __________________________$1,500__________________________
13-16 $1,000

New Set Incoming!

Be sure to join us for all of the World Championship action, live on Twitch! During the event broadcast, we’ll be revealing cards and mechanics from the next set in Eternal, coming in January 2023.

We’ll have more information on the new set coming – including pre-order and preview event information – in the run up to the World Championship, so stay tuned!

Stay up to date on all of the Eternal World Championship news by signing up for the Dire Wolf newsletter, and we’ll see you December 17-18th, live on Twitch!