Bastion Rising

Bastion Rising

Okessa Málaga – “Lady Steel,” as the other Houses call her – stands at the balcony rail, sipping her morning tea as she waits for the first warming light of the coming dawn. The spiraling tower of Bastion drops away beneath her, plunging into darkness from a dizzying height.

Someday, she thinks, leaning out over the rail to peer down into the abyss below, I will feel the final wind on my face. One last, brief adventure, and then rest.

“But not today,” she says aloud with a weary sigh. “Today we build. Today we climb.” She sets her teacup down on the rail.

The Last Bastion – the one remaining wonder of a lost age – stretches ever upwards. A spiraling tower city, home to untold thousands of survivors scattered across hundreds of labyrinthine levels, its denizens united in the great work of the tower’s continual construction, willing itself away from the darkness below.

The ascension of House Málaga through the ranks of Bastion’s rigid political order has come dearly. But the Okessa needs only to turn her eyes upward, to the heights of the Reach above, where the ceaseless rhythm of construction thumps on night and day, to know that she is the right woman for the job.

The first flare of dawn cracks across the edge of the world. The Okessa watches it race towards the tower – her tower, for she has done more than most to prolong this generation’s survival. The light’s path runs straight, pure. And as it travels, it reveals what little remains of Myria: an endless Shadowsea that swallows the world. Corruptive darkness reaching from horizon to horizon, lapping hungrily at the lower levels of Bastion.

And with each passing year, the Shadowsea rises. With each passing year, more of the Last Bastion disappears beneath its dark surface. The people of the tower race against time. Against the certainty of what will come, and what awaits when Bastion can reach no higher.

Lady Steel’s eyes harden as she turns from her balcony. “Today we climb.”

On Wednesday, November 4th, 23 new Expedition-legal cards come to Eternal® in the Bastion Rising Bundle!

Pre-orders begin Monday!

The Bastion Rising Legendary Bundle!

The Bastion Rising Legendary Bundle will be available in-game and in the Eternal Web Store for $44.99, and includes:

  • 4x Premium & regular playsets of each of the 23 new cards
  • 1x Box of Argent Depths
  • 1x Draft Ticket
  • 800 Gems
  • 1x Okessa Málaga Premium Avatar

  • 1x Bastion Rising Premium Card Back

  • 4x Alternate-Art Worldpyre

Pre-Order Bonus!

As part of the Eternal® Celebration, pre-orders for the Bastion Rising Legendary Bundle begin on Monday, October 26, and will be available until the Bundle’s release on Wednesday, November 4. When you pre-order, you get a bonus Draft ticket, plus immediate access to 3 not-yet released new cards coming in Bastion Rising!

Direct Purchase Bonus!

As a thank-you for your support, you can get even more value when you purchase the Bastion Rising Legendary Bundle directly from the DWD Store! In addition to the Bundle itself and the Pre-Order Bonus, you’ll also receive:

  • 1x Extra Draft Ticket
  • 500 Gems

And, for maximum value, the Pre-Order and Direct Purchase Bonuses stack!

The Bastion Rising Bundle

Bastion Rising will also be available on 11/4 in two other in-game bundles, so you can get the one that’s right for you:

  • The Bastion Rising Bundle contains 4 copies of all 23 new cards, plus the Okessa Málaga Premium Avatar for 1,000 Gems or 25,000 Gold.
  • The Bastion Rising Premium Bundle gets you four premium and regular copies of each card, the Okessa Málaga Premium Avatar, and the gorgeous new Bastion Rising Premium Card Back, all for 2,000 Gems!

As with other similar products, cards from Bastion Rising cannot be otherwise crafted or dusted for Shiftstone. Players who purchase the Bastion Rising Bundle may upgrade it to the Premium Bundle for 1,000 Gems.

Eternal Celebration: Bastion Rising Preview Event!

Get up-close-and-personal with some of the new cards in Bastion Rising in a special preview event as part of the Eternal Celebration!

  • The Bastion Rising Preview Event uses 5 preconstructed phantom decks, each built around a new card coming in the Bastion Rising Bundle.
  • The event costs 2,500 Gold or 200 Gems to enter.
  • Each run is 7 games, win or lose, with a randomly selected deck. You’ll receive a different deck with each of your first 5 runs.
  • You may enter as many times as you like, but only your first 5 runs count toward leaderboard placement.
  • The Bastion Rising Preview Event will run from Thursday, October 29 at 10:00 AM MDT (16:00 UTC) to Monday November 2, at 4:00 PM MDT (22:00 UTC).

Run Rewards

       Wins       Prizes
7 4 packs, 1 Premium Rare, 1 Gold Chest
6 3 packs, 1 Premium Rare, 1 Gold Chest
5 3 packs, 1 Rare, 1 Gold Chest
4 3 packs, 1 Rare, 1 Silver Chest
3 2 packs, 1 Rare, 1 Silver Chest
2 2 packs, 1 Premium Uncommon, 1 Silver Chest
1 2 packs, 1 Premium Uncommon, 1 Bronze Chest
0 2 packs

Leaderboard Rewards

Rank       Prizes
1 3 Diamond Chests
2-10 3 Gold Chests
11-100 2 Gold Chests and 1 Silver Chest
101+ 1 Gold Chest and 1 Silver Chest

The Shadowsea rises, and the tower stands tall as Myria’s last hope. Pre-order the Bastion Rising Legendary Bundle this Monday, and join in the Preview Event next weekend!