Clank! Catacombs now at your FLGS!

Clank! Catacombs now at your FLGS!

It’s launch day! Sneak down to your Friendly Local Game Store to get your copy of CLANK! Catacombs!

Leave the board behind with CLANK! Catacombs, a stand-alone deck-building adventure!

The catacombs of the skeletal dragon Umbrok Vessna are mysterious and dangerous. Portals transport you all around the dungeon depths. Wayshrines offer vast riches to intrepid explorers. Prisoners are counting on you to free them. Ghosts, once disturbed, may haunt you to death.

Each trip into the catacombs is unique, as you lay tiles to create the dungeon. You can play using only the all-new Dungeon Deck, or include cards from previous CLANK! expansions.

Find your fortune (and escape the dragon!) in CLANK! Catacombs.

PLUS! Explore the dungeon solo in the new Clank! Catacombs update to the free Dire Wolf Game Room app!

Pre-ordered copies are already in the wild, and daring thieves are raving about the treasures they’ve retrieved from the dungeon below.

Check out these early reviews!

The Dice Tower

“I’m discovering stuff as we go, and I love that sense of discovery!

I love Clank!…but this is better.” – Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower


“This is a fantastic installment. It’s definitely my favorite Clank! to date.

I’m very impressed with how just a few small changes have turned an already excellent game into an even more fun experience.SungWon Cho / ProZD

Our Family Plays Games

“So much replayability; this game is never going to be the same. That’s what makes it fun: It keeps you on your toes, it makes you think.

This is a great family game.”  – Our Family Plays Games

Begin your next adventure today with Clank! Catacombs, now available at your Friendly Local Game Store!

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