Cold Hunt Patch Notes 11/18

Cold Hunt Patch Notes 11/18

Today’s patch fixes a variety of bugs present in Cold Hunt that were not addressed in the 11/12 patch. The full list of patch notes is below.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Bless the Wild added debt when it didn’t negate a spell.

  • Fixed an issue where Ramba, Single Swing could draw a card when killing a unit with 3 strength.

  • Fixed an issue where Far From Home sometimes charged more than 3 power and triggered some abilities too many times.

  • Fixed an issue where Nodoran’s Entomb ability bypassed enemy Aegis.

  • Fixed an issue where Wrong Turn didn’t sacrifice cursed relics.

  • Fixed an issue where Serpent Hive sometimes could not be played as a spell.

  • Fixed an issue where Glorious Gathering’s influence ability could be activated more than once per turn.

  • Fixed an issue where Glorious Gathering’s game-winning ability was stopped by Aegis.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple Orene’s Scepter would fail to buff non-Aegis units.

  • Fixed an issue where Lord Thudrock could select exhausted units for its Summon.

  • Fixed an issue where Night Dojo’s discard ability occurred after the enemy spell resolved.

  • Fixed an issue where Expedition Gear’s Contract ability only charged 4 debt.

  • Fixed an issue where Curiox, All-Seeing’s debt could fail to immediately deduct from current power.

  • Fixed an issue where Torq, Ballistics Crafted prompted the player to discard twice.

  • Fixed an issue where Stoke Ambition could transform power cards in the player’s own hand.

  • Fixed an issue where Realize Your Potential didn’t properly buff enemy units

  • Fixed an issue with the Curiox gauntlet boss where the created Dragon’s Eye kept its influence requirements.

  • Fixed an issue where some theme deck previews in the store were incorrect

  • Fixed an issue where the Hour of Glass campaign still required an Expedition deck to play.

  • Updated Expedition Gear’s “without battle skills” ability to fix a conflict with cards like Brightmace Paladin.

Card Fixes:

  • Improved hinting and VFX on several spells and abilities.

  • Added and improved prompt text on several spells and abilities.

  • Corrected the spelling of Bhodi & Rox Forever.

  • Corrected the spelling of the Curiox gauntlet boss text.

  • Fixed an issue where Fear’s void-counting text didn’t function.

  • Fixed an issue where Raniya, Never Caught displayed the incorrect art while Hidden.

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