Cold Hunt Patch Notes 12/2

Cold Hunt Patch Notes 12/2

Today’s patch fixes a variety of bugs and card issues. The full list of patch notes can be seen below.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Severin, Inevitable could fail to grant strength, Revenge, and/or the Nightmare type to the correct unit.

  • Fixed an issue where Nodoran, Auric Heir’s granted debt was not paid immediately.

  • Fixed an issue where Sweet Dreams’ invoke could fail if all valid units were removed from the void in response.

  • Fixed an issue where Overclocked Sentinel failed to grant Double Damage to players without a relic weapon.

  • Fixed an issue where Zido, Cabal Housecat would fail to discard a card if the enemy player’s hand briefly became empty in response.

  • Fixed an issue where Syl, No Regrets’ damage ability was respondable and could resolve after Silence spells.

  • Fixed an issue where Wrong Turn ignored player Aegis.

  • Fixed an issue where Vermin’s Feast could grant stats to one unit when the swap was stopped by Aegis.

  • Fixed an issue where Aroman the Punishing was incorrectly respondable.

  • Fixed an issue where Gift of Prophecy could be played without a valid card to draw.

  • Fixed an issue where Gift of Prophecy could bypass Voidbound in some circumstances.

  • Fixed an issue where Chirganth’s Breath didn’t reveal stunned Stealth units.

  • Fixed an issue where Petra, Auric Launderer could gain strength when stopped by Aegis.

  • Fixed an issue where Final Balance wasn’t granting Double Damage for the full duration.

  • Fixed an issue where Far From Home could exhaust units with Endurance.

  • Fixed an issue where Misthelm didn’t sacrifice its Mist Asri when replaced by another Misthelm.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple Elding of the Final hour could trigger successfully without sufficient power.

  • Fixed an issue where Hooru Heirloom could fail to sacrifice itself when used on an unkillable unit.

  • Fixed an issue where Launching Asri could trigger itself when created and played by an effect.

  • Fixed an issue where Privilege of Rank failed to play for the new owner after being discarded and stolen by Eavesdrop.

  • Fixed an issue where the Draft help tip failed to display its text.

  • Fixed an issue with the website where some lore pages displayed a 404 error.

Card Fixes:

  • Clarified the text on Lord Thudrock.

  • Improved the play order of the Grenadin from alternate art Assembly Line.

  • Fixed an issue where Field Medic’s dynamic text displayed (0) in collection.

  • Fixed issues where Aroman and Namora’s dynamic text were counting cards drawn on the non-applicable turn.

  • Added the Depleted hanger to cards with Inscribe.

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