Community Emote Bundle

Community Emote Bundle

We’re getting some new stuff ready for the Eternal Community Store, and we need your help. An upcoming update to the Community Store will include Community Emote Bundle 1, because it somehow seemed like a good idea at the time!

For the first (and, let’s be honest, probably last) time, we’re opening up our rigorous and highly-scientific process of creating in-game emotes to the Eternal community.  For the next few days players can submit their emote suggestions via Reddit, and the ones we like best will live on in glory as a purchasable emote bundle in the Community Store!

Emotes come in six categories:

  • Well Played
  • Greet
  • Thanks
  • Curse
  • Cheer
  • Taunt

(Be sure to tag which category your emotes fall into; failure to do so will result in us making some pretty wild assumptions.)

Submissions are open through the weekend. Players with selected emote submissions will receive both the Community Emote Bundle and the Xenan Obelisk premium card back! Feel free to submit as many as you like, and be sure to upvote any that you’d hope to see in-game.

So, whatcha got?