Dire Wolf Halloween!

Dire Wolf Halloween!

Nightmares gather over Xulta, and the Deep Crows caw loudly in the dark…

Light up the night with your own Jekk-o-Lanterns! We will be dropping new pumpkin carving patterns every Wednesday in October, so keep an eye out for some of your favorite Heroes!

And be sure to share your Eternal and Clank! pumpkins and Halloween art under the #DireWolfHalloween hashtag!

The Flame of Xulta releases soon, so let’s start the month off with a dragon…

10/2 – Villain of the original CLANK!, and swooping in for a guest appearance in Eternal, Nictotraxian will guard your hoard of candy come Halloween!

10/9The Flame of Xulta is live, Eternal is on the Nintendo Switch, and these favorites are here to help! Add the Helpful Doorbot and Bandit Queen to your Halloween collection.

And no Jekk-o-Lantern display would be complete without the hat of the infamous bounty hunter himself!

10/16 – Carve sigils of power into your pumpkin with these Eternal stencils! Seek power from your favorite factions, and share your spooky Eternal and Clank! art online with the hashtag #DireWolfHalloween!

#DireWolfHalloween Carving Contest

On Friday, November 1st, we will choose 3 of our favorite Eternal, Clank!, and Dire Wolf pumpkins shared with the #DireWolfHalloween hashtag on Twitter! Each of those 3 winners will receive 5 packs of The Flame of Xulta on their Eternal account!

We have also selected Kasendrith’s fantastic Icaria, the Liberator pumpkin as an honorary 4th winner. Bravo!

Feel free to get creative and carve up a pumpkin with your favorite Eternal or Clank! character!

Will you rise up to this challenge? Show us your best pumpkin-carving skills for a chance to win!

10/23 – Dungeon-delver extraordinaire Dr. Whiskers has been hunting dragon’s treasure, fighting overlords in space, and helping out fantasy business ventures for years. Memorialize this adventurous feline on your own Jekk-o-Lantern!

Don’t forget to share your Eternal and Clank!-themed pumpkin carvings on Twitter with the hashtag #DireWolfHalloween! We will be picking three winners to each receive 5 packs of The Flame of Xulta on their Eternal account!

10/30The wolves howl as the harvest moon grows. Have a happy Halloween, and be sure to share all your Eternal and Clank! pumpkin art with #DireWolfHalloween for a chance to win packs of The Flame of Xulta!