Draft and the Eternal World Championship

Draft and the Eternal World Championship

12/3 Update: Last month exposed a loophole in the high-ranked Draft Leaderboard logic that unfortunately incentivized a small number of players at the top of Master to “camp” on their rating and avoid playing games. While the results from November are valid and reflective of the Draft Championship Points awarded, we never want players to feel like they’ll be punished for playing Eternal. To that end, we’re making a small adjustment to how the Draft Leaderboard treats wins and losses by Master players to better reflect ratings changes among top Master players based on ongoing wins and losses.

The 2020 Eternal® World Championship season gets underway next weekend with ECQ: The Time of Ancestors. Join the fray as the best decks in the new Expedition format duke it out for a spot in the World Championship and a $3,000 prize pool!

But many roads lead to the World Championship; today we’re looking at how Draft success can also earn you a seat at the main event, starting…now!

Next summer, the Eternal Draft Championship will qualify a whopping four players for the World Championship in a two-day invite-only draft tournament. The Draft Championship is only open to the most accomplished Eternal drafters. Here’s how you can earn yourself a seat at the table:

Eternal Draft Championship

Beginning this month, players earn Draft Championship Points (DCP) based upon their final standings on the Draft Leaderboard.

  • The Top 4 finishers in the Eternal Draft Championship will receive an invitation to the 2020 Eternal World Championship.
  • Players who accumulate 5 or more DCP are eligible to enter the Eternal Draft Championship. Players with 80 or more DCP receive a bye for the first day, and qualify directly for the Finals on day two.
  • You can earn Draft Championship Points from November 2019 to June 2020 (8 months), as follows:
    • Top 20 Master in Draft – 20 DCP
    • Top 100 Master in Draft – 10 DCP
    • Master in Draft – 5 DCP
  • Draft Championship Points will be visible in-game on the profile screen starting in December.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­While achieving Master status in Draft will get you a shot at the Eternal Draft Championship, only the strongest, most consistent drafters will earn a coveted day one bye. So pick your cards wisely!

Between the defending World Champion (1), nine ECQ winners (9), six Quarterly Championship winners (6), and the Top 4 from the Eternal Draft Championship (4), 20 of the 24 seats at the 2020 Eternal World Championship are accounted for.

Stay tuned for more ways to qualify, and get ready for ECQ: The Time of Ancestors next Friday!