Dune: Imperium – Arrakeen Scouts mode

Dune: Imperium – Arrakeen Scouts mode

Dune: Imperium – Arrakeen Scouts mode

Spice up your Dune: Imperium game with new free digital missions and events!

 “You must learn to rule. It’s something none of your ancestors learned.”

― Frank Herbert, Dune

Arrakis is a hostile and unforgiving world, with new schemes and new dangers around every corner. Only the clever, the wary, and the bold can hope to survive…to rule requires skills honed to a crysknife’s edge.

Test your strategic abilities as never before with the new Arrakeen Scouts mode for the hit board game Dune: Imperium, available for free next week in the Dire Wolf Game Room digital app available on iTunes and Google Play.

Arrakeen Scouts mode brings more variety and replayability to Dune: Imperium. To play Arrakeen Scouts mode, just set up your tabletop copy of Dune: Imperium, and launch a 3-4 player game in the Dire Wolf Game Room app.

In Arrakeen Scouts mode, each game round of Dune: Imperium begins with Scouts reporting on the new opportunities and new obstacles that have arisen on the desert planet. Pressing the Scout button will reveal a special card with a new goal or surprise twist.

A long-laid plan may carry you to victory, but the quick and responsive can find great advantage along the way. There are five types of cards your Scouts may reveal:

  • Missions send you racing to claim a space before anyone else to earn a special reward.
  • Events keep you on your toes; the next twist could be just the boost you need–or send you tumbling down.
  • Subcommittees give new importance to the High Council, taking a council seat this round will grant you an added bonus.
  • Auctions put you head to head with other players to win rich prizes. Will you bid wisely, or bring your House to ruin?
  • Sales might offer exactly the deal you need to bring your plans together.

Arrakeen Scouts mode provides new tactical opportunities and strategic challenges, adding some extra spice to your next Dune: Imperium game, coming to the Dire Wolf Game Room board game companion app on iTunes and Google Play next week!

Control the Spice. Control the Universe. The next chapter of Dune: Imperium is about to begin!

Dune: Imperium Deluxe Upgrade Pack shipping update

First, thanks to all of you for helping to make Dune: Imperium a smash hit, and one of the hottest games of the past several months!  We’re grateful for the response and to be able to share the experience of a game we love playing ourselves.  Thank you for all of the great emails, comments, and kind words.

Due to global manufacturing and shipping delays arising from COVID-19, the production of final molds for the miniatures in the Dune: Imperium Deluxe Upgrade Pack has taken longer than we initially anticipated, and getting them into your hands will too.


The good news is that they look really nice. The bad news is that they won’t be shipping by our expected late-March window. We’re still working with the factory to nail down the timetable for getting them out to you all. We hope to know more soon, but we don’t have a firm date yet, and would like to wait to announce a new one when we’re confident in it.

Thanks for your understanding and your patience as we sort through it.

We’ll provide further updates about the shipping timeline for the Upgrade Packs as soon as that information.

As always, thanks for your support, and thanks for playing Dune: Imperium!