Dune: Imperium Now in Stores!

Dune: Imperium Now in Stores!

Dune: Imperium Now in Stores!

The hotly anticipated new board game Dune: Imperium is now available in game stores in the US, and critics are raving:

  • “Easily one of my favorite games of the year.” – Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower
  • “This is gonna make a lot of people’s Game of the Year. This is just about the perfect fusion of deck-building, worker placement, and area control skirmish battles. And I think that’s a combination of mechanisms that is going to make a lot of people very, very happy.” – Rahdo’s Final Thoughts
  • “While I adore the way Dune: Imperium mixes worker placement and deck-building so well, it’s ultimately the rich theming that really drives the game to be such a success for me. This just feels like Dune.” – Matt Miller, Game Informer

Begin your adventure with one of the most exciting new board games of the holiday season! Dune: Imperium is available now!

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To celebrate the release of Dune: Imperium, we’re giving away a copy of the game each day to someone who posts their favorite Dune quote in the #dune-imperium channel! The Spice must flow!

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