Echoes of Eternity: Market Spells!

Echoes of Eternity: Market Spells!

Markets are a great way to ensure we have the tools we need for tricky spots, but they’re not limited to just Merchants, anymore. Echoes of Eternity brings new ways to build and play Markets like never before!

Market access at fast speed!

Having access to Market cards at any time affords us new options for finding the perfect answers at just the right moments.

We’ve also never had Market access so cheap.

Prices have never been lower!

Even with just two power, you can Condemn one threat while finding and playing the perfect answer to another.

These new Market cards also add flexibility to decks with three or more factions.

Depending on how your opponent plays out their turn, you might want to find cards from across all your factions.

If needed, we can even find factionless cards, too!

Playing Mono-Justice? That doesn’t mean you can’t kill relics…

Each faction brings a new kind of Market, each with its own advantages, its own mix of options.

Market Rule Changes

With the release of Echoes of Eternity, there is also a small tweak to the Market rules. 

  • You can now save decks with off-faction Markets when in deckbuilder.
    (example: saving a Torch in the market of your Jennev Merchant deck)

This doesn’t change how a card like Jennev Merchant functions in-game. She can still only fetch Primal cards from the market, but you will no longer receive a message saying your deck is invalid.

It’s almost time to stock the new markets as Echoes of Eternity rolls out tomorrow!

There’s no downtime needed for the new set, but look for a notification to relaunch the client when Echoes of Eternity goes live!