Echoes of Eternity Theme Decks

Echoes of Eternity Theme Decks

Echoes of Eternity brings five new pre-constructed theme decks ready for Expedition play!

  • Pale Rider’s Countdown – Acquire the skills you need for victory!
  • Uelo’s Tactics – Control the skies!
  • Kazuo’s Artisans – Build the ultimate weapon!
  • Midias’s Horde – Amass a dragon’s hoard!
  • Strange Cultists – Will Strangers save Xulta…or doom it?

Each deck is available now in-game for 3,000 Gold or 250 Gems.

You can also nab all five of the new theme decks…and get four new alt-art copies of Clockroach!

  • The Echoes of Eternity Theme Deck Bundle contains all five theme decks, and four copies of Clockroach
  • The theme deck bundle is available now for 1,100 Gems.

Spring Cleaning

Next Monday, February 17, we’ll be doing some spring cleaning and removing older theme decks from the in-game store.

Ten theme decks will remain available for purchase (the decks from Echoes of Eternity and Flame of Xulta), and all of the non-Expedition-legal theme decks will be removed from the store.

This change should make it easier for players to find theme decks relevant to them, and for new players to quickly jump into Expedition play.

Look for future theme deck store updates as new content releases, and grab your bundle to begin exploring the new cards from Echoes of Eternity!