Entrance Exam: Limited Format Tournament

Entrance Exam: Limited Format Tournament

Arch-Magister Brenn is ready to test your ability to see the future. Use your prescient skills to draft the best deck and battle onward to victory!

This is the first test of Eternal’s new limited format tournament, and we need your help. Keep the cards you build your deck with, and there are more prizes to be won. Here are all the details:

  • Entry fee will be 600 gems or 7500 gold.
  • Qualifiers begin at 11 am MDT (17:00 UTC) on Tuesday, May 14 and end at 2 pm MDT (8:00 UTC) on Thursday, May 16.
  • The finals will begin one hour later that same Thursday.

Round 1 – Sealed Asynchronous

  • Open 8 packs (2 Omens of the Past, 2 Fall of Argenport, and 4 Dark Frontier) and build a deck. (Everyone who enters gets to keep these cards.)
  • Play 10 games for leaderboard points, and you may play up to 20 tiebreaker games.
Finish Prizes
Top 16     Advance to Round 2
17-100     2 packs and 2 Draft Tickets
101-1000     2 packs and 1 Draft Tickets
1001-2500     1 Draft Tickets
2501+     Only the 8 packs they opened

Pack Prizes in both rounds are Dark Frontier Packs.

Round 2 – Synchronous Draft

  • Only the Top 16 from the Round 1 Leaderboard may participate.
  • Round 2 begins at 3 pm MDT (9:00 UTC) and you may begin drafting right away.
  • Admins will allow 45 minutes for drafting and deckbuilding, and then the games begin. (If your deck is not complete before this period ends, or if you render your deck invalid during the tournament, it will be replaced with a deck full of Firebombs. Brenn is a harsh teacher.)
  • Single elimination, best of 3 is the format for each match.
Finish Prizes
1     8 packs and 3 Draft Tickets
2     6 packs and 3 Draft Tickets
3-4     5 packs and 2 Draft Tickets
5-8     4 packs and 2 Draft Tickets
9-16     3 packs and 2 Draft Tickets

In addition, every player in the Top 16 gets to keep the cards they drafted.

Check out the new draft format, open some sweet new packs, and show that arch-magister Brenn that you’re pretty good at predictions too!