Eternal – 10/12/22 Patch Notes

Eternal – 10/12/22 Patch Notes

Today’s Eternal patch drops a new mission and promo card, and addresses a variety of bugs and issues reported by the community.

New Chapter Mission!

The second mission in this month’s Chapter releases today. What dangers await in the Direwood? Survive the challenge to earn this week’s free promo card!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some achievements associated with Stormbreak and Hour of Glass could not be completed
  • Fixed an issue where drawing Boundless Knowledge via another Boundless Knowledge with some specific cards in play could crash the game
  • Fixed an issue where Huntmaster Vikrum could steal a unit if he was transformed in response
  • Fixed an issue where effects that replenish power could remove power above the player’s maximum power
  • Fixed an issue where Wretched Rats’ Entomb couldn’t grant Lifesteal if its strength had been reduced to 0
  • Fixed an issue where Tarra, Ever Loyal could gain too many stats from her ability after being replayed
  • Fixed an issue where Auren Condemnation could grant armor if the targeted unit had an Aegis
  • Fixed an issue where Ixtol, Champion of Grodov’s animations could block player actions while there were no power cards remaining in the deck
  • Fixed an issue where a card stolen by Mindbreaker Staff while it couldn’t be played would be free if later drawn and played
  • Fixed an issue where some Gauntlet boss rules prevented Unleash from functioning
  • Fixed an issue where Fortunate Stranger’s ability could be respondable
  • Fixed an issue where Ayan, the Abductor could play a Stealth unit as Hidden even though it was silenced
  • Fixed an issue where Give Chase could return the affected units to hand even if they had left play and returned
  • Fixed an issue where Disciplinary Studies’ card draw occurred too early, before the cost increasing ability was active
  • Fixed an issue where Gatecrash Trooper’s Fate ability could be blocked by enemy Aegis
  • Fixed an issue where Ulixa, Unspoken Terror’s Summon could fail to pop Aegis if there were no targets in the hidden zones
  • Fixed an issue where Face of Betrayal’s delayed trigger could be removed early by transformation
  • Fixed an issue where Forged Deed didn’t allow the user to select which relic to steal
  • Fixed an issue where Duskwalker’s effect persisted when stolen
  • Fixed an issue where Hideout Pistol failed to trigger when played via Bang, Sheriff of Dunehill’s ability
  • Fixed an issue where Know Thy Enemy played some of the Amplify ability’s units before uninstalling abilities of killed units such as Grand Suppressor
  • Fixed an issue where Endless Steps could grant incorrect stats while there was an enemy site
  • Fixed an issue where Sacred Tableau could remain unkillable after its owner’s final Dinosaur is stolen
  • Fixed an issue where Ky’s Blessing didn’t grant the highest found instance of Warcry
  • Fixed an issue where Shadowpath Intimidator could select units in the enemy void
  • Fixed an issue where Manacles’ displayed card name could remain after leaving play
  • Fixed an issue where Withering Witch was incorrectly displaying an older version of its text
  • Fixed an issue where Greater Plans displayed its influence options in the wrong order
  • Fixed an issue where Torgov, Icecap Trader didn’t correctly display the number of cards in your void
  • Improved the animation speed of Prosperity of the Reach
  • Improved the templating of Jotun Bonebreaker for additional clarity
  • Fixed a visual issue where Valley Whisperer appeared to grant itself Unleash
  • Fixed a variety of localization issues
  • Improved the AI’s understanding of some recent mechanics

As always, we appreciate your feedback and support as we continue to improve Eternal. If you encounter an issue or need help, please drop us a line at so we can see what’s up.

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