Eternal Celebration!

Eternal Celebration!

Eternal®s fourth birthday is right around the corner and we’re starting the parteee early with a weeklong celebration in the run up to the $50,000 Eternal World Championship!

From October 23 to November 1, the Eternal Celebration is blowing the saloon doors off with events, cards, and cosmetics! There will be more announcements coming throughout next week, including new events (and new cards!), but at its core the Eternal Celebration is about experiencing everything that Eternal has to offer – both competitive and casual play, constructed and draft – and showing off the creativity and spirit of the community.

And everything is better with cards, so, first up:

Limitless Possibilities!

During the Eternal Celebration, play for free with every card ever released!

That’s right: Kick the tires on the deck of your dreams, or let the jank flow through you in the wildest piles imaginable in any constructed game mode…including the Last Chance Qualifier!

Crafting and destroying cards will be disabled during the Celebration, and when we all come to our senses at the end of the week, collections will return to their normal state. Any cards you acquire from packs or rewards, you’ll still keep. (You’ll still have your decklists, so you can craft any missing cards with the push of a button!)

Eternal Celebration Queues & the Last Chance Qualifier!

A whopping FOUR seats for the 2020 Eternal World Championship will be up for grabs in a Last Chance Qualifier Event. Wanna play for your cut of $50,000? Brew up something new in the Eternal Celebration and win your way to a seat at the top table!

Throughout the week, you can enter Eternal Celebration Queues as often as you like. Each run costs 300 Gems or 4,000 Gold for 7 wins or 3 losses with your best Throne deck. (And, since you can play with every card in the game, this is a great chance to try something new!) Rack up a 7-win run, and you’ll be eligible to enter the weekend’s Last Chance Qualifier Event!

The Last Chance Qualifier Event kicks off on Friday, October 30! Pilot your best Throne deck through 28 games to try to make the top 64 Finals cut on Sunday, November 1, and you could find yourself facing off at the Eternal World Championship!

With a full collection at your disposal, what will you build?

Refer-a-Friend Reward Bonus!

With so much going on, it’s the perfect time to invite friends to join in the fun. Until the end of October, Refer-a-Friend bonuses are increased for referred friends!

Have somebody who’s been on the fence about checking out Eternal? Now is the best time ever! They’ll get not one but two preconstructed decks when they finish the tutorial, and 6 packs when they complete the campaign! You get a kickback too – for up to 10 friends you refer that finish the Campaign, you’ll get a different prize, including two avatars currently not available by any other means!

Just open the Refer-a-Friend box on the settings menu and either email your friends or copy the link provided there!

Stream On!

Additionally, throughout the Eternal Celebration Twitch Drops will provide even more value, with special Drops and increased Chest upgrades, just for watching Eternal on Twitch!

Are you an Eternal content creator who wants in on the action? Reach out to us at for your Eternal Celebration giveaway kit!

There’s a lot going on in the Eternal Celebration, and there’s never been a better chance to experience everything the game has to offer.

Get ready for a week of action, with more announcements on the way! Grab your friends and play some Eternal!