Eternal Celebration!

Eternal Celebration!

Eternal Celebration

Get ready for a brand new Eternal week-long event! The Eternal Celebration will run from October 23 – October 31! Clear your schedule because this celebration will be jam packed with special activities, surprise events (those sound like two ways of saying the same thing) and random giveaways! Experience and celebrate Eternal with us like never before!

We’ll also be running the Last Chance Worlds Qualifier Event, a new kind of qualifier, that will provide you with one last chance (you see?) to qualify (yes?) for the 2020 Eternal World Championships with the final four Wild Card slots on the line!

Keep an eye out for the news.  We’ll be hitting it hard (as is our quarantine habit) with plans (riiiight…) and details (-ish) in the next week (or so, +3*5), and if you want to start getting ready for the qualifiers they’ll be running October 30 – October 31 using the Throne format!

Eternal Celebration – October 23 – 31
Last Chance Worlds Qualifier – October 30 & 31

2020 Eternal World Championship

The 2020 Eternal World Championship will be open to 24 players who have competed successfully at the highest levels of Eternal.  We’ve been blown away by players growing and strategizing with the epic releases of Echoes of Eternity, Argent Depths, and most recently the Awakening campaign! We are excited to see what everyone brings to the battleground!

The Championship will consist of a $50k prize pool in a two stage format including both Throne and Expedition!

Mark your calendar because it all kicks off on Saturday November 14, Saturday November 21, and Sunday November 22! To give you the best of all the action, we will be broadcasting every single day starting on Monday, November 16 featuring the matches all the way until the epic finale November 21 – 22!

Additional details will be announced at a later date, so be sure to keep an eye out!

2020 Eternal World Championship – November 14
2020 Eternal World Championship – November 21 & 22

Summer Championships – Live this Weekend!

Remember that the 2020 Eternal Summer Championships start this weekend and you will have another chance to earn an invite to Worlds!

Throne Summer Championship – September 19 & 20
Expedition Summer Championship – September 26 & 27

Join us for broadcast coverage of the Throne Finals on Sunday, September 20 at 11 am MDT (17:00 UTC) and for the Expedition Finals on Sunday, September 27 at 11 am MDT (17:00 UTC), live on Twitch!

Special Twitch Drops will be enabled exclusively on the DWD channel during the broadcast — so if you’re not playing in the Finals, make sure to tune in to claim your share of the loot!

Balance Changes

There are no changes at this time but we’ll check back in this October after the Summer Championships – so keep an eye out!