Eternal Cold Hunt Patch Notes 1/13

Eternal Cold Hunt Patch Notes 1/13

Today’s patch includes a variety of bug and card fixes. The full patch notes can be seen below.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Diminish didn’t return strength to units that had died or returned to hand

  • Fixed issues with Evacuation Plan where it would return units that died or were stolen, the created Sentinel wasn’t exhausted, and the created Sentinel could lose its skills

  • Fixed an issue where Reflector could not be not revealed after it had used its Ultimate

  • Fixed an issue where Nostrix, Grand Seer failed to apply when used with premium units

  • Fixed an issue where Hunter’s Harpoon could draw a card when the unit dealt 0 damage.

  • Fixed an issue where Disciplinary Studies didn’t play VFX for drawn power cards, revealing information about the card drawn

  • Fixed an issue where Mimicry Vine could copy Contract abilities

  • Fixed an issue where Face of Betrayal could crash the game when stealing certain cards

  • Fixed an issue where Face of Betrayal could prevent the opponent from drawing cards if Genetrix Irel, Wayward was in play

  • Fixed an issue where Azindel, Mastermind could crash the game when stealing certain cards

  • Fixed an issue where Stirring Sand, Snow Pelting, and Deadly Confrontation could be played without valid targets

  • Fixed an issue where The Uncountable couldn’t be activated with a full board

  • Fixed an issue where Nacas, Bastion Prodigy didn’t trigger from weapons played via effects

  • Fixed an issue where Starkissed Wings didn’t trigger Renown or reveal Stealth units

  • Fixed an issue where Spear of the Dying sun did not remove its effect when transformed

  • Fixed an issue where removing Elding of the Final Hour’s influence requirements also affected its ability’s influence requirement

  • Fixed an issue where Greater Plans could not be played if the player had only factionless Heroes

  • Fixed an issue where Undercover Enforcer could fail to silence units that could not be killed

Card Fixes:

  • Corrected capitalization of Aroman the Punishing’s name

  • Corrected text formatting on Magnetize

  • Corrected text formatting on Face of Betrayal

  • Corrected the prompt text on Ancient Defenses’ Summon.

  • Corrected non-English text for several cards, quests, and products

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