Eternal Cold Hunt Patch Notes 12/16

Eternal Cold Hunt Patch Notes 12/16

Today’s patch includes a variety of bug and card fixes. The full patch notes can be seen below.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Elding of the Final Hour could play a Pale Rider without sacrificing a card

  • Fixed an issue where Elding of the Final Hour could select units and relics that can’t be killed for its sacrifice

  • Fixed an issue where Glorious Gathering could count two Heroes of the same name for its ability

  • Fixed an issue where League Explorer failed to play a Depth Charge if the enemy player had a Depth Charge

  • Fixed an issue where Dawnwalker could play itself from your void while it had Voidbound

  • Fixed an issue where Prizefighter didn’t gain Lifesteal from weapons played by some abilities

  • Fixed an issue where Quinn, Master Tracker could stun a unit that had moved to another zone in response

  • Fixed an issue where Bhodi & Rox Forever could fail to make a copy when Inscribed if the card had been in play previously

  • Fixed an issue where Obstructive Flicker could reveal Stealth units that were not attacking

  • Fixed an issue where Forestall, Keep Your Distance, and Telekinetic Shackles didn’t prevent spell damage done to the affected player’s own units

  • Fixed an issue with Eager Owlet and Valkyrie Spireguard where they wouldn’t properly lose their buff when the only matching unit was stolen

  • Fixed an issue where Realign the Stars could incorrectly draw Saber-Tooth Prideleader from your deck

  • Fixed an issue where the Disconnected symbol failed to display on the match queue screen

Card Fixes:

  • Adjusted several cards that trigger from enemy spells, such as Street Urchin, to not be respondable and to resolve before the triggering spell

  • Fixed the Italian translation for Auden Condemnation

  • Fixed the French translation for Raze

  • Added missing translations for the Premium League entry button

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