Eternal: Enter The Arcanum now available!

Eternal: Enter The Arcanum now available!

Enter The Arcanum is now available!

Enter The Arcanum – a home to mysterious relics and more mysterious mages.

A famous institution with a secretive history, the Praxis Arcanum is full of hidden knowledge. A new generation is about to begin their training. What secrets will be uncovered?

Find out on Wednesday, August 17th when the Enter The Arcanum Bundle brings 24 new cards to Eternal!

Pre-orders are open now!

Enter The Arcanum Legendary Bundle

The Enter The Arcanum Legendary Bundle will be available in-game and from the DWD Store for $39.99! It includes:

  • 4x Premium & regular playsets of each of the 24 new cards!

  • 1x new Premium Arcanum Astrolabe Interactive Card Back!

  • 1x  Premium Talir, Headmistress Avatar

  • 3x new Enter The Arcanum theme decks, granted when the set releases

  • 4x New Alternate-Art copies of Sindain, Arcanum Curator
  • 1x Box of Unleashed
  • 2x Draft Ticket
  • 500 Gems

Pre-Order Bonus!

Pre-orders for Enter The Arcanum are open now, and will be available until the bundle’s release on Wednesday, August 17th.

When you pre-order, you’ll get a bonus Draft ticket, plus access to three not-yet-released new cards coming in Enter The Arcanum that you can begin playing immediately in Expedition and Throne!

Lethrai Maurauder is a new elf with tons of flexibility. You can discard a card from hand to play a 2/1 Dark Elf, Blood Hunt, or Formbend for free.

Talir, Headmistress is the newest card for the Time Scion, not only will each hit replenish all your power, but she gives you 2 more maximum power.

Star Charts is only the second ever power card with a fate effect! If you went second this game, you’ll get a free Power Burst, straight to hand to alter the course.

Direct Purchase Bonus!

As a thank-you for your support, you can get even more value when you purchase the Enter The Arcanum Legendary Bundle directly from the DWD Store! In addition to the Bundle itself and the Pre-Order Bonus, you’ll also receive:

  • 1x Extra Draft Ticket
  • 500 Gems

And, for maximum value, the Pre-Order and Direct Purchase Bonuses stack!

The Enter The Arcanum Bundle

Enter The Arcanum will also be available in two other in-game bundles, so you can get the one that’s right for you:

  • The Enter The Arcanum Bundle contains 4 copies of each new card, plus the Premium Avatar for 1,000 Gems or 25,000 Gold.
  • The Enter The Arcanum Premium Bundle gets you four premium and regular copies of each card, the Premium Avatar, and the new Premium Card Back, all for 2,000 Gems!

As with other similar products, cards from Enter The Arcanum cannot be otherwise crafted or dusted for Shiftstone. Players who purchase the Enter The Arcanum Bundle may upgrade it to the Premium Bundle for 1,000 Gems.

Enter The Arcanum Preview Event!

The Praxis Arcanum is a place of great power and secret knowledge…peek into the Arcanum’s archives in a special Scion Draft preview event that features new cards from Enter the Arcanum alongside almost 500 powerful cards from Chapter Missions and throughout Eternal‘s history!

  • Scion Draft is a special phantom format; unlike normal Draft, you do not keep the cards you pick.
  • There’s no limit on how many cards of each rarity can appear in a Scion Draft pack.
  • A run is to seven wins or three losses, whichever comes first, with rewards based on your total number of wins.
  • You may enter as many times as you like, but only your first 5 runs count toward leaderboard placement.
  • The Enter The Arcanum Preview Event will run from Friday, August 12th at 10:00 AM MDT (16:00 UTC) to Tuesday, August 16th, at 10:00 PM MDT (04:00 UTC).
  • Entry costs 400 Gems or 4,000 Gold

Run Rewards

Wins______  Prizes
7 1x Premium Legendary, 3 packs, 7,000 Gold
6 1x Premium Rare, 3 packs, 6,500 Gold
5 1x Premium Rare, 3 packs, 5,500 Gold
4 1x Premium Rare, 3 packs, 4,000 Gold
3 1x Premium Uncommon, 3 packs, 2,500 Gold
2 1x Premium Uncommon, 3 packs, 1,250 Gold
1 1x Premium Uncommon, 3 packs, 500 Gold
0 1x Premium Common, 3 packs

Leaderboard Rewards

Rank____ Prizes
1 3 Diamond Chests
2-10 1 Diamond Chest, 2 Gold Chests
11-100 3 Gold Chests
101+ 2 Gold Chests

Discover the hidden secrets of this mysterious institution when you Enter The Arcanum!

Pre-order Today!