Eternal for Russian Language Players

Eternal for Russian Language Players

Due to the expiration of our contract with the publisher MY.GAMES, we are transferring the Eternal® registration of Commonwealth of Independent States and Georgia users from MY.GAMES to Dire Wolf. Despite this, Russian users can continue playing Eternal without any restrictions. Moreover, we plan to continue supporting the Russian game localization.

On September 22, web registration at will close. Soon thereafter a special account transfer service will begin the process of porting registration, collection, and progress of affected players to the Dire Wolf servers. We will continue to support Russian game localization, and we do not anticipate any disruption to players as the transfer takes place.

We are grateful to MY.GAMES for their help in introducing Eternal to players across the world, and we’ll be working together closely to ensure a smooth transition for our players.

Going forward, Eternal will continue to be available on Steam, Google Play, the iTunes App Store, Nintendo Switch, and the Microsoft Store.

Thanks for supporting Eternal! Stay tuned for more account migration details coming soon!