Eternal Lore

Eternal Lore

“The course of time is twisted, with many chapters unfolding along perilous paths. Tread carefully, my brother.”
– Arch-Magister Talir

Eternal Chapters: August 2022 Chapter Mission 1 – A Risky Investment

(August 3rd, 2022)

The start of the A Risky Investment Chapter. Tavrod is approached by an over-eager member of the Crownwatch, presenting evidence of an illegal Casino plan drawn up by Nodoran. After Tavrod silences the watchman (and disposes of the body) he confronts Nodoran about her idea. Her plan had its merits, but even he couldn’t afford the bribes that would be necessary to make it happen. The idea had to be shut down.

Eternal Chapters: August 2022 Chapter Mission 2 – Shoot The Messenger

(August 10th, 2022)

A messenger from the Cabal (now under Syl’s leadership) comes to the Auric Bank with a message for Tavrod, but upon not seeing anyone guarding the vault decides to take a few handfuls for themself. Tavrod does not appreciate the liberties taken and removes the agent himself before they can finish delivering Syl’s message. Only afterwards does Syl appear with an offer, apologizing for her poor choice in messenger and offering reparations for the transgression. While Tavrod preferred Dizo’s management style, he could not deny the appeal of Syl’s proposal – releasing a substance that could reduce the public’s inhibitions, disrupting the Triumvirate’s upcoming celebration and making a lot of money to boot!

Eternal Chapters: August 2022 Chapter Mission 3 – Epicenter Of Chaos

(August 17th, 2022)

At a celebration of five years of Triumvrate rule, Eilyn’s speech is interrupted by a cloud of red mist…This was earlier than Tavrod, seated in the audience, expected. As attendees begin to breathe in the red Miviox mist, Tavrod attempts to escape before he too falls under the influence, but is held up by a Maniacal Reveler and breathes in the chemical himself. He questions why he was so concerned in the first place, the effect isn’t unpleasant. It’s freeing! Now feeling like a ‘True Tavrod’ he decides to take action, stop holding back and get everything he wants…including from the others feeling the effects of Miviox.

Eternal Chapters: July 2022 Chapter Mission 1 – Miviox Mob

(July 7, 2022)

The start of the Journey of the Six Chapter. After hearing more of Krogar’s haunting past, the Skycrag Six were attacked by a mob of citizens driven mad by the red mist swirling through Argenport. Kaleb and the group fended them off while Nommom cooked up a life-changing meal to feed the raging crowd. Unsure how Nomnom’s cooking dispelled the fog, but grateful for the help, the group continued their journey, and Kaleb decided to share the story of his own past, and why he was searching for the True-Sight Map.

Eternal Chapters: July 2022 Chapter Mission 2 – Lingering Nightmare

(July 13, 2022)

The Skycrag Six arrived at the ruins of the portal Krogar had shut to find a dragon roosting nearby. After a prolonged battle with the nightmare, the group took stock of the dragon’s victims. Five of the six started digging graves, but Krogar approached the ruined archway, looking for a way to repair the door to his homeland.

Eternal Chapters: July 2022 Chapter Mission 3 – The Keystone

(July 20, 2022)

Kaleb and the rest of the Skycrag six approach Krogar’s gate to find the Keystone that gave the gate it’s power missing, and a group of unseen ambushers lying in wait for them. With his companions incapacitated, Kaleb fought off the unseen with the help of Sashenka. It seems someone else knows about the True-Sight Map. The Six set off to get answers, and payback.

Eternal Chapters: July 2022 Chapter Mission 4 – Forbidden Knowledge

(July 27, 2022)

The Skycrag Six track the Unseen back to their master, a gigantic Hooru Owl named Nostrix, and pressed for information on the True-Sight Map. Nostrix spoke only in riddles, and refused to give up any information about the map to The Six, bringing in more Unseen to attack. Only after The Six defeated these attackers did Nostrix relent, sharing information, but also a strong warning to leave the True-Sight Map alone. Kaleb did not heed these warnings, knowing the map was his only chance to find his father, Caiphus.

Eternal Chapters: June 2022 Chapter Mission 1 – Accidental Break-In

(June 1, 2022)

The start of the Krogar’s Choice Chapter. Giant-for-hire Krogar breaks into the Auric bank while sleepwalking and is arrested by the guards. While Krograr is sitting in his cramped cell, Caleb presents him with an offer…he accepts.

Eternal Chapters: June 2022 Chapter Mission 2 – Meet The Skycrag Six

(June 8, 2022)

Krogar learns he wasn’t the only one Kaleb recruited for this mission to find the True-Sight Map. As the newly formed Skycrag Six travels through the Direwood, Krogar’s clumsiness leads the beasts right to them. But his strength drives them away.

Eternal Chapters: June 2022 Chapter Mission 3 – Unwelcome Return

(June 15, 2022)

The Skycrag Six’s search for the True-Sight Map brought them to Dunehill, a place Krogar was all too familiar with. Confronted by the residents for abandoning ‘his burden’, Krogar realized he could not run from his past and that he owed his new friends the truth.

Eternal Chapters: June 2022 Chapter Mission 4 – Krogar’s Choice

(June 22, 2022)

Flash back to Krogar’s burden – volunteering to be the last one through a gate to Myria and out of doomed Xulta. Krogar had to seal the gate early, leaving giants behind. Facing his kin that made it to the new world, he knew there was nothing he could say.

Eternal Chapters: May 2022 Chapter Mission 1 – A Fervant Prayer

(May 4, 2022)

The start of the Shavka Reborn Chapter. While traveling through the Shadowlands, a Xultan Refugee uses immense power, seemingly from Shavka, to protect his fellow travelers.

Eternal Chapters: May 2022 Chapter Mission 2 – Spreading The Message

(May 11, 2022)

Accepting the powers given to him, The Xultan Refugee adopts the name Shavkan and brings Shavka’s words to the streets. After a confrontation with a nonbeliever that resulted in the destruction of an ancient relic, the calls of ‘heretic’ ceased…. was this out of belief or fear?

Eternal Chapters: May 2022 Chapter Mission 3 – Curfew Enforcement

(May 18, 2022)

Shavkan and his followers were not treated well in Argenport, and when they fought for something better, the Crownwatch came to punish them all. Shavkan took a stand against their injustice, and chose to fight to bring back the might of Xulta.

Eternal Chapters: May 2022 Chapter Mission 4 – Like Fire and Water

(May 25, 2022)

Shavkan disagreed with Xultan Elder Pelak about how to best lead their people forward. After a heated confrontation with the Elder, Shavkan chose to lead the Xultans who had higher aspirations out of Argenport while others stayed behind.

Eternal Chapters: April 2022 Chapter Mission 1 – Shattered Dreams

(April 6, 2022)

The beginning of the Syl’s Ambition Chapter. Dizo and his thugs break into the glassblowing shop of Syl’s father, stealing or smashing everything. With their livlihood in pieces on the floor, Syl swears revenge against Dizo.

Eternal Chapters: April 2022 Chapter Mission 2 – Initiation

(April 13, 2022)

After losing everything to the Cabal, Syl was forced to take work from them to keep from starving. To test her loyalty and get into the Cabal’s good graces, Syl was tasked with showing the informant who turned his back on the Cabal the error of his ways…all this got her closer to enacting her plan.

Eternal Chapters: April 2022 Chapter Mission 3 – The Final Obstacle

(April 20, 2022)

In just a few short years, Syl’s hard work and ruthlessness helped her climb the Cabal’s ranks until she was the Chairman’s right hand. Within arm’s reach of her true goal, getting revenge on Dizo! Syl had only wanted revenge, not to be the leader of a criminal empire…but she wasn’t opposed to taking the position.

Eternal Chapters: April 2022 Chapter Mission 4 – Cleaning House

(April 27, 2022)

As a first act of business after becoming Chairwoman of the Cabal, Syl decided she would clean house, starting with Dr. Zytrom, the twisted alchemist who was siphoning funds. But she changed her tune Zytrom showed her his latest serum, and her mind ran wild, filled with ideas of how to use it.

Eternal Chapters: March 2022 Chapter Mission 1 – Discovering The Valley Beyond

(March 9, 2022)

Evalina enters The Valley Beyond and with Cora’s faith and protection convinces the local Scalesworn to let her stay.

Eternal Chapters: March 2022 Chapter Mission 2 – Valley Disturbed

(March 16, 2022)

Evalina and Cora battle to drive out a valley intruder named Olyn. But this intrusion was just a distraction while another intruder placed a strange bomb in the valley. As the bomb went off, Cora leapt in to protect Evalina.

Eternal Chapters: March 2022 Chapter Mission 3 – Chasing the Huntmaster

(March 23, 2022)

Evalina chased after Huntmaster Vikrum, forcing him to release the captured dinosaurs. He happily obliged…

Eternal Chapters: March 2022 Chapter Mission 4 – The Doctor’s Serum

(March 30, 2022)

The dinosaurs made reckless by Dr. Zytrom’s serum attacked! But with the help of Olyn and his lasso, Evalina was able to capture the raging creatures without hurting them. The two needed to stop the serum’s effects, but how?

Promo: Olyn of Urmstead – Riding High

(February 2022)

Promo: Slumbering Range

(January 2022)

Promo: Quicksilver Gateway

(December 2021)

Heroic Event: Hero in the Mirror

(December 2021)

Sealed League: Final Preparations

(December 2021)

Promo: Plunk Wumpkin – Stealee Frum Dergie

(November 2021)

Heroic Invocation Preview Event

(November 2021)

Cold Hunt – Heroes

(November 2021)

Sealed League: Cold Hunt

(October 2021)

Eternal: Cold Hunt

(October 2021)

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(October 2021)

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(September 2021)

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(August 2021)

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Eternal: Hour of Glass

(July 2021)

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(May 2021)

Revelations: The Call

(May 2021)

Revelations: Mayhem

(May 2021)

Revelations: Betrayal

(May 2021)

Promo: Belax, the Ravenous

(April 2021)

Promo: Lord Balancer Steyer

(March 2021)

Stormbreak: Impact

(March 2021)

Stormbreak: Unequal Preparations

(March 2021)

Stormbreak: The Calm Before

(March 2021)

Promo: Inoa, Elevator Overseer

(February 2021)

Buried Memories – Coin and Conscience

(February 2021)

Buried Memories – Confrontation Down Below

(February 2021)

Buried Memories – Things That Go Bite In The Dark

(February 2021)

Buried Memories – Testing the Shadow

(February 2021)

Buried Memories – Testing the Shadow

Delve into the tower city of Bastion’s past in Buried Memories.

Buried Memories – The Descent

(February 2021)

Buried Memories – The Descent

Join the party of Buried Memories as they delve onward, into the maw of the past.

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(January 2021)

Promo: Jolu, the Gift Giver

(December 2020)

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(December 2020)

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(December 2020)

Promo: Dichro’s Ruin

(December 2020)

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Promo: Deleph’s Awakening

(October 2020)

Promo: Kaleb, Executioner

(September 2020)

Chapter 46: Awakening

(September 2020)

Chapter 46: Awakening

Vara goes head to head with Caiphus, fighting for her right to the Throne.

Chapter 45: The Festival of Inspiration

(August 2020)

Chapter 45: The Festival of Inspiration

Argenport readies for Kaleb’s coronation as Caiphus puts his plans into motion.

Chapter 44: Dead or Alive

(July 2020)

New Promos: Junkyard Heroes

Vara and Coslo separate trash from treasure as they search for help in Wyatt’s junkyard.

Chapter 44: Dead or Alive

To free Eilyn, Vara and Coslo delve into the Argenport’s underworld.

Chapter 43: Argent Depths

(June 2020)

Chapter 43: Argent Depths

Hunted and alone, young Vara goes to ground.

Chapter 42: Shadow of the Spire

(May 2020)

New Hero: Daraka, Loyal Guardian

The Queen has been taken. The Clans are broken. Find Vara, and keep her safe…

Chapter 42: Shadow of the Spire

Pursued through a twisted version of Argenport, Vara struggles with memories that are not her own.

Chapter 41: Whispers of the Throne

(April 2020)

New Hero: Eremot, Mindsplinter

Vara confronts the nightmare at the heart of the Eternal Throne.

Chapter 41: Whispers of the Throne

The Spire is wreathed in whispers as Vara makes her decision.

Chapter 40: Aftershock

(March 2020)

New Hero: Gerrit, Throne Guardian

As the night grows darker, Gerrit stands guard before the Eternal Throne.

Chapter 40: Aftershock

Tormented by dreams of ash and flame, Tamarys tries to warn Kaleb of the Throne’s danger.

Chapter 39: Echoes of Eternity

(February 2020)

New Promo: Lastlight Judgement

The world grows dark.

Chapter 39: Echoes of Eternity

Eremot comes for the Xultan Throne.

Chapter 38: Strange Lands

(January 2020)

New Promo: Traver’s Farm

Horus Traver returns home.

Chapter 38: Strange Lands

Eremot finds a stranger in Xulta. The Listeners ready for war.

Chapter 37: Promises by Firelight

(December 2019)

New Hero: The Merriest Mandrake

An unexpected guest joins the winter festivities. 

New Campaign: Promises by Firelight

Five champions of Xulta’s past stand against a tide of nightmare.

Chapter 37: Promises by Firelight

The Tale Keeper warns Gnash of a gathering darkness.

Chapter 36: The Time of Ancestors

(November 2019)

New Hero: Yorja, the Tale Keeper

Seeking answers about Xulta’s past, Gnash braves the jungle in search of the Tale Keeper.

Chapter 36: The Time of Ancestors

A dragon attack interrupts the Xultan gladiatorial games.

Chapter 35: Dusk of Dragons

(October 2019)

New Hero: Dracowitch Razca

After surviving an attack on the Xenan temple, Razca searched for greater power.

Chapter 35: Dusk of Dragons

After Sol was wounded, the dragons of Xulta were hunted down one by one. Desperate, they made a dark bargain…

Chapter 34: Dawn’s Country

(September 2019)

New Hero: Verro, Banished Inquisitor

A Xultan paladin struggles to crush a dragon-worshipping cult.

Chapter 34: Dawn’s Country

A Xultan hunter encounters an expedition from a far-away land.

Chapter 33: Shadow of the Throne

(August, 2019)

New Promo: Garden of Omens

Tamarys’ search for answers leads her to a barren mountaintop with a dark secret.

Chapter 33: Shadow of the Throne

Tamarys pursues legends of the Eternal Throne. In Xulta, the Trials of Grodov commence.

Chapter 32: Far Horizons

(July 2019)

New Hero: Oizio, Adaptive Spy

The expedition learns that they are not the only ones to traverse the Shadowlands.

Chapter 32: Far Horizons

A small expedition makes the first foray into Xulta.

Chapter 31: A Light in the Darkness

(June 2019)

New Hero: Albon Roa, of the Order

A young duelist from Najarno answers the call.

Chapter 31: A Light in the Darkness

Strange worlds are discovered through the Shadowlands. Genetrix Irel IV experiences a vision.

Chapter 30: Dark Frontier

(May 2019)

New Hero: Jishu, the Burning Brush

An oni poet is given charge of a Crownwatch soldier who survived the Shadowlands.

Chapter 30: Dark Frontier

Ways into the Shadowlands are re-discovered. Many enter on journeys of exploration and exploitation, few return.

Chapter 29: The Winter Crown

(April 2019)

New Hero: Mokhnati, Restored

Kosul’s loyalty is not broken, and its fury is not spent…

Chapter 29: The Winter Crown

Kosul sends an Emissary to treat with Argenport.

Chapter 28: Homecoming

(March 2019)

New Hero: Cursed Prophet Deleph

Trapped in Kerendon, Deleph sees more than he should…

New Campaign: Homecoming

Svetya returns to retake her homeland.

Chapter 28: Homecoming

Svetya and Milos prepare for the journey north. Yushkov struggles to maintain control of his empire.

Chapter 27: Price of Freedom

(February 2019)

New Hero: Milos, Unwavering Idealist

Milos meets with Svetya, to decide if he will lead his rebels for her cause.

Chapter 27: Price of Freedom

Out on the frontier, Svetya grows desperate for aid.

Chapter 26: Burning Hope

(January 2019)

New Hero: Star-Reader Severin

In a frozen forest, two strangers meet beside a campfire. One tells his story.

Chapter 26: Burning Hope

Svetya entreats Vara for aid. Yushkov returns to Kosul to consult his seer.

Chapter 25: Defiance

(December 2018)

New Hero: Justa, Regglar Jotun

Some yeti get sneekee sneekee…

Chapter 25: Defiance

Milos rallies his rebels. Kosul fighters sabotage Yushkov’s forces.

Chapter 24: Petitions

(November 2018)

New Hero: Yushkov, the Usurper

Yushkov takes Korovyat Palace, and recalls the night he swore never to bow before another.

Chapter 24: Petitions

Svetya makes her case before the rulers of Argenport.

Chapter 23: Reunion

(October 2018)

New Hero: Caiphus, Wandering King

Caiphus’ journey through the Shadowlands has been long and twisted…

Chapter 23: Reunion

Vara returns from her journey into Shadow. Talir proposes a solution.

Chapter 22: Distant Visions

(September 2018)

New Hero: Tamarys, the Geomancer

A wandering mage returns to the spot where she met Kaleb, seeking answers.

New Campaign: Into Shadow

The Eternal Throne lies empty, and Vara—its rightful heir—is missing.

Chapter 22: Distant Visions

Eilyn and Kaleb are summoned to the Praxis Arcanum.

Chapter 21: Blood & Birthright

(August 2018)

New Hero: Genetrix Irel IV

Troubled by Talir’s prophecy, Irel seeks answers in the Archives of the Solist Order.

Chapter 21: Blood & Birthright

Kaleb makes his claim for the Eternal Throne.

Chapter 20: Spoils of War

(July 2018)

New Hero: Wyatt, Junk Collector

As Argenport rebuilds, one man sorts trash from treasure.

Chapter 20: Spoils of War

In the aftermath of Eilyn’s attack, merchants flock to Argenport, each with their own story.

Chapter 19: The Fall of Argenport

(June 2018)

New Hero: Lieutenant Relia

Relia defends her city.

Chapter 19: The Fall of Argenport

Eilyn leads the Clans against Argenport.

Chapter 18: A Search for Answers

(May 2018)

New Hero: Svetya, Orene of Kosul

Svetya, the displaced Orene of Kosul, marches for Argenport with her Bear Guard.

Chapter 18: A Search for Answers

Kaleb dives into his past as something threatens his present.

Chapter 17: Enemies at the Gates

(April 2018)

New Hero: Brenn, Chronicler of Ages

Brenn sees many things in his scrying pool.

Chapter 17: Enemies at the Gates

The Clans ready for war.

Dead Reckoning

(March 2018)

A New Chapter

Introducing Chapters, Heroes, and Leagues!

New Hero: Dizo, Cabal Chairman

The Chairman makes an offer you cannot refuse.

New Campaign: Dead Reckoning

Icaria rises up.

The Tale of Horus Traver

(November 2017)

New Campaign: The Tale of Horus Traver

The actions of a single man can have myriad consequences…

Jekk’s Bounty

(February 2017)

New Campaign: Jekk’s Bounty

Join forces with Jekk, the infamous bounty hunter, as you track down some of the most dangerous criminals and creatures across the world.

Note: Chapter numbering corresponds with our monthly Leagues. There are currently no lore articles for the first 16 chapters of story.