Eternal Lore

Eternal Lore

Eternal is a game of six-guns, sorcery, and skill. Each month begins a new Chapter, and every month a new promotional Hero card and story are released!

“The course of time is twisted, with many chapters unfolding along perilous paths. Tread carefully, my brother.”
– Arch-Magister Talir

Chapter 40: Aftershock

(March 2020)

New Hero: Gerrit, Throne Guardian

As the night grows darker, Gerrit stands guard before the Eternal Throne.

Chapter 40: Aftershock

Tormented by dreams of ash and flame, Tamarys tries to warn Kaleb of the Throne’s danger.

Chapter 39: Echoes of Eternity

(February 2020)

New Promo: Lastlight Judgement

The world grows dark.

Chapter 39: Echoes of Eternity

Eremot comes for the Xultan Throne.

Chapter 38: Strange Lands

(January 2020)

New Promo: Traver’s Farm

Horus Traver returns home.

Chapter 38: Strange Lands

Eremot finds a stranger in Xulta. The Listeners ready for war.

Chapter 37: Promises by Firelight

(December 2019)

New Hero: The Merriest Mandrake

An unexpected guest joins the winter festivities. 

New Campaign: Promises by Firelight

Five champions of Xulta’s past stand against a tide of nightmare.

Chapter 37: Promises by Firelight

The Tale Keeper warns Gnash of a gathering darkness.

Chapter 36: The Time of Ancestors

(November 2019)

New Hero: Yorja, the Tale Keeper

Seeking answers about Xulta’s past, Gnash braves the jungle in search of the Tale Keeper.

Chapter 36: The Time of Ancestors

A dragon attack interrupts the Xultan gladiatorial games.

Chapter 35: Dusk of Dragons

(October 2019)

New Hero: Dracowitch Razca

After surviving an attack on the Xenan temple, Razca searched for greater power.

Chapter 35: Dusk of Dragons

After Sol was wounded, the dragons of Xulta were hunted down one by one. Desperate, they made a dark bargain…

Chapter 34: Dawn’s Country

(September 2019)

New Hero: Verro, Banished Inquisitor

A Xultan paladin struggles to crush a dragon-worshipping cult.

Chapter 34: Dawn’s Country

A Xultan hunter encounters an expedition from a far-away land.

Chapter 33: Shadow of the Throne

(August, 2019)

New Promo: Garden of Omens

Tamarys’ search for answers leads her to a barren mountaintop with a dark secret.

Chapter 33: Shadow of the Throne

Tamarys pursues legends of the Eternal Throne. In Xulta, the Trials of Grodov commence.

Chapter 32: Far Horizons

(July 2019)

New Hero: Oizio, Adaptive Spy

The expedition learns that they are not the only ones to traverse the Shadowlands.

Chapter 32: Far Horizons

A small expedition makes the first foray into Xulta.

Chapter 31: A Light in the Darkness

(June 2019)

New Hero: Albon Roa, of the Order

A young duelist from Najarno answers the call.

Chapter 31: A Light in the Darkness

Strange worlds are discovered through the Shadowlands. Genetrix Irel IV experiences a vision.


Chapter 30: Dark Frontier

(May 2019)

New Hero: Jishu, the Burning Brush

An oni poet is given charge of a Crownwatch soldier who survived the Shadowlands.

Chapter 30: Dark Frontier

Ways into the Shadowlands are re-discovered. Many enter on journeys of exploration and exploitation, few return.

Chapter 29: The Winter Crown

(April 2019)

New Hero: Mokhnati, Restored

Kosul’s loyalty is not broken, and its fury is not spent…

Chapter 29: The Winter Crown

Kosul sends an Emissary to treat with Argenport.

Chapter 28: Homecoming

(March 2019)

New Hero: Cursed Prophet Deleph

Trapped in Kerendon, Deleph sees more than he should…

New Campaign: Homecoming

Svetya returns to retake her homeland.

Chapter 28: Homecoming

Svetya and Milos prepare for the journey north. Yushkov struggles to maintain control of his empire.

Chapter 27: Price of Freedom

(February 2019)

New Hero: Milos, Unwavering Idealist

Milos meets with Svetya, to decide if he will lead his rebels for her cause.

Chapter 27: Price of Freedom

Out on the frontier, Svetya grows desperate for aid.

Chapter 26: Burning Hope

(January 2019)

New Hero: Star-Reader Severin

In a frozen forest, two strangers meet beside a campfire. One tells his story.

Chapter 26: Burning Hope

Svetya entreats Vara for aid. Yushkov returns to Kosul to consult his seer.

Chapter 25: Defiance

(December 2018)

New Hero: Justa, Regglar Jotun

Some yeti get sneekee sneekee…

Chapter 25: Defiance

Milos rallies his rebels. Kosul fighters sabotage Yushkov’s forces.

Chapter 24: Petitions

(November 2018)

New Hero: Yushkov, the Usurper

Yushkov takes Korovyat Palace, and recalls the night he swore never to bow before another.

Chapter 24: Petitions

Svetya makes her case before the rulers of Argenport.

Chapter 23: Reunion

(October 2018)

New Hero: Caiphus, Wandering King

Caiphus’ journey through the Shadowlands has been long and twisted…

Chapter 23: Reunion

Vara returns from her journey into Shadow. Talir proposes a solution.

Chapter 22: Distant Visions

(September 2018)

New Hero: Tamarys, the Geomancer

A wandering mage returns to the spot where she met Kaleb, seeking answers.

New Campaign: Into Shadow

The Eternal Throne lies empty, and Vara—its rightful heir—is missing.

Chapter 22: Distant Visions

Eilyn and Kaleb are summoned to the Praxis Arcanum.

Chapter 21: Blood & Birthright

(August 2018)

New Hero: Genetrix Irel IV

Troubled by Talir’s prophecy, Irel seeks answers in the Archives of the Solist Order.

Chapter 21: Blood & Birthright

Kaleb makes his claim for the Eternal Throne.

Chapter 20: Spoils of War

(July 2018)

New Hero: Wyatt, Junk Collector

As Argenport rebuilds, one man sorts trash from treasure.

Chapter 20: Spoils of War

In the aftermath of Eilyn’s attack, merchants flock to Argenport, each with their own story.

Chapter 19: The Fall of Argenport

(June 2018)

New Hero: Lieutenant Relia

Relia defends her city.

Chapter 19: The Fall of Argenport

Eilyn leads the Clans against Argenport.

Chapter 18: A Search for Answers

(May 2018)

New Hero: Svetya, Orene of Kosul

Svetya, the displaced Orene of Kosul, marches for Argenport with her Bear Guard.

Chapter 18: A Search for Answers

Kaleb dives into his past as something threatens his present.

Chapter 17: Enemies at the Gates

(April 2018)

New Hero: Brenn, Chronicler of Ages

Brenn sees many things in his scrying pool.

Chapter 17: Enemies at the Gates

The Clans ready for war.

Dead Reckoning

(March 2018)

A New Chapter

Introducing Chapters, Heroes, and Leagues!

New Hero: Dizo, Cabal Chairman

The Chairman makes an offer you cannot refuse.

New Campaign: Dead Reckoning

Icaria rises up.

The Tale of Horus Traver

(November 2017)

New Campaign: The Tale of Horus Traver

The actions of a single man can have myriad consequences…

Jekk’s Bounty

(February 2017)

New Campaign: Jekk’s Bounty

Join forces with Jekk, the infamous bounty hunter, as you track down some of the most dangerous criminals and creatures across the world.

Note: Chapter numbering corresponds with our monthly Leagues. There are currently no lore articles for the first 16 chapters of story.