Eternal on Nintendo Switch

Eternal on Nintendo Switch

Eternal will release on Nintendo Switch this Tuesday!

With Monday’s release of The Flame of Xulta and the return of Organized Play leading into the 2020 Eternal World Championship, the next great adventure in Eternal is about to begin. And every adventurer knows that you need to be properly equipped…take your exploration of Xulta on the go when Eternal comes to Nintendo Switch on Tuesday, October 8th!

The Nintendo Switch release will be available for free in the Nintendo e-Shop, with full cross-platform play and collection support — sign in with your existing account and continue to duel players on PC, phone, tablet and XBOX!

It’s Dangerous to go Alone…Take the Welcome Pack!

At release, the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Welcome Pack will be available from the in-game store.

The Welcome Pack will be available for $29.99, and includes the 1-1 premium card back, and a bundle of 4,000 Gems to be used in Eternal on Nintendo Switch (see below).

Gems on Nintendo Switch

Take heed, adventurer! As required by Nintendo policy:

  • any Gems purchased on Nintendo Switch can only be used while playing on Switch, and
  • only Gems purchased on Switch can be spent there.

So, if you have Gems in your existing Eternal account and log-in on a Switch, you will see you Gem balance as empty. Likewise, if you purchase Gems on Switch, they will not be displayed when logged in on another platform. Your Gems will be waiting for you when you return.

All other Eternal content is fully-cross platform: If you open packs on a Switch, your cards will be there on your phone. If you enter an Event on your PC, you can continue to play on Switch — the only time you’ll see any difference is in your displayed Gem count, and all non-Switch platforms will continue to operate as they always have.

The Nintendo Switch release is an exciting step forward for Eternal, with more on the way next week with the release of The Flame of Xulta and the future of Organized Play.

Game on.