Eternal: Unleashed – Patch Notes 5/13/2022

Eternal: Unleashed – Patch Notes 5/13/2022

Today’s patch addresses a variety of bugs present in Unleashed upon release. The full list of patch notes is below.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several situations where Unleash spells could fail to draw a copy of themselves.

  • Fixed an issue where the Roll Call achievement couldn’t be completed.

  • Fixed an issue where Give Chase returned the units at the end of the turn even if they had died.

  • Fixed an issue where Give Chase’s buff remained after the current turn.

  • Fixed an issue where Gift of the Daimyo didn’t create Oni units.

  • Fixed an issue where Rivet, Tinker Whiz’s Entomb could occur multiple times.

  • Fixed an issue where Rivet, Tinker Whiz’s Warcry didn’t count the player’s Cursed Relics.

  • Fixed an issue where Nico, Urban Hunter became able to block after leaving play.

  • Fixed an issue where Mass Production discarded your hand at the end of the current turn.

  • Fixed an issue where Display of Will couldn’t be played on the enemy player unless they had a non-curse Relic.

  • Fixed an issue where Spectral Armor could weak hint and players could be auto-passed through important moments.

  • Fixed an issue where Suspicion could not target non-attacking units with Endurance.

  • Fixed an issue where Blood of Makkar could trigger from Street Gang dealing 0 damage with its Summon.

  • Fixed an issue where The Fall of the Spire blocked the current player’s cards immediately.

  • Fixed an issue where Smooth Hustle used the unit’s damaged health rather than maximum health.

  • Fixed an issue where the new Help Tips and Glossary entries were missing or incomplete.

  • Added the Unleashed Theme Deck Bundle to the store.

Card Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Break and Enter always weak hinted.

  • Fixed localization issues and missing text with various cards, achievements, and gauntlet boss powers.

  • Fixed a display issue with Mystic Ascendant’s premium alt-art frame.

  • Fixed an issue where searching “kill” or “skill” in Deckbuilder showed all cards with Taunt.

  • Final Moments now uses a dinosaur instead of daggers.

Known Issues:

  • The Perfect Channeling achievement cannot be completed.

  • The Feed the Frenzy achievement cannot be completed.

  • Resonance Wave doesn’t have Inscribe as it should.

  • Sahin, Stateless does not allow the enemy player to give a relic to avoid the damage.

  • Gift of Xulta doesn’t work correctly when copying Cursed Relics or Relics with passive effects.

  • Transforming Unleash copies in your hand incorrectly removes the red glow. They are correctly still discarded.

  • Unleash copies can keep their red glow while in play.

  • Blackmaw Carnosaur can gain/lose Lifesteal during battle damage.

  • Genetrix Irel, Wayward’s stat buff applies before Unleash, unlike similar abilities.

  • Halotipped Spray and Cleave don’t remove relic weapon armor before they deal damage.

  • Unleashed Reprints aren’t available for random creation/transformation in Draft.

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