Eternal Valley Beyond Patch Notes 3/2/22

Eternal Valley Beyond Patch Notes 3/2/22

Today’s patch includes a variety of bug and card fixes. The full patch notes can be seen below.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Intrigue units didn’t properly update their cost when the player reached 5 power

  • Fixed an issue where Deleph, Free Prophet would fail to trigger in some circumstances

  • Fixed an issue where Huntmaster Vikrum didn’t change ownership of a unit’s attachments when returning it

  • Fixed an issue where Ghodan Cold-Heart would fail to deal damage if it drew a Fate card

  • Fixed an issue where Ramba’s Challenge could grant an enemy unit Invulnerable through Aegis

  • Fixed an issue where some Aegis-granting abilities occurred after Orene’s Scepter’s ability

  • Fixed an issue where Ravenous Wurm didn’t immediately update its stats when stolen

  • Fixed an issue where Gatecrash Trooper failed to draw a card when drawn by Draconic Looting

  • Fixed an issue where curses played by Restrained Action didn’t reveal Stealth units

  • Fixed an issue where Brigade Hall’s ability didn’t play VFX at the selected unit

  • Fixed an issue where Hidden Crusader didn’t trigger when stolen by things like Madness

  • Fixed an issue where Grand Suppressor didn’t suppress Manacles’ summon

  • Fixed an issue where Grand Suppressor attempted to suppress Ky, Awakened Master’s ability

  • Fixed an issue where Feeding Time would kill the additional pig played by Glen Fasciata

  • Fixed an issue where Invasive Species copied itself before triggers like Nullblade could affect it

  • Fixed an issue where Recruitment Effort failed to trigger from cards being discarded from the market

  • Fixed an issue where Rule the Skies could deal 6 damage to non-Flying units if previously played on one

  • Fixed an issue where Lifesteal could fail to heal the full amount when Deadly units were multi-blocked

Card Fixes:

  • Removed an inaccurate Infiltrate hanger from Bloodsucking Skeeter

  • Corrected non-English text for several cards and buttons

  • Corrected inconsistent templating on some daily quests

  • Corrected inconsistent templating on cards that make units unable to die

  • Corrected inconsistent templating on cards that create units that will sacrifice themselves at the end of the turn

  • Corrected inconsistent spelling of Judgement in card names.

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