Everdell Patch 1.1.4 – Worker Select!

Everdell Patch 1.1.4 – Worker Select!

Today’s Everdell patch addresses a variety of bugs reported by the community, and introduces a much-requested new feature!

New – Worker Select!

The critters have spoken! By popular demand, today’s 1.1.4 patch lets players select their worker avatar at the start of a game! Are you a squirrel or a mouse?

The full list of patch notes can be seen below:

Patch Notes

  • Players can now select which worker they want to use before the start of the game!
  • Controller support is now active on PC! Simply plug in your controller to activate or toggle it on in the settings menu.

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed some instances where players were prompted that they could spend additional resources even when they had no more to spend.
  • Resolved animation issues involving Rugwort’s vines.
  • Fixed a bug where Rugwort wasn’t calculating his point total correctly in some situations.
  • Players can no longer play cards out of Rugwort’s city after playing a Teacher.

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Thanks for playing Everdell!

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