Heroic Invocation Preview Event

Heroic Invocation Preview Event

This weekend, we’re hosting a special event focused on the many heroes of Eternal in the Heroic Invocation Preview! See the full details below this brand new lore post!

The solid crunch of an apple came to Svetya as she watched Deleph with his eyes closed. His focus was completely and entirely centered on the small red fruit.

“Crisp. Fresh. Delicious,” he said with a slow, relaxed tone she would have thought impossible mere weeks ago.

.The Orene smirked and closed her book.

“You know, they have rules against eating in the library?” she asked with a laugh.

“I have it on good authority that the Orene may go easy on me, just this once,” he replied and took another bite of the fruit. Svetya waved a hand at his smile. She watched him look over the apple like a precious artifact.

“Those are, in fact, her favorite kind. Not just any get to sample them,” Svetya said and plucked one from a pocket in her coat. The familiar taste of home hit her tongue and for a moment she was that young girl in Papa’s arms again.

Deleph’s smile faltered and he held back from taking another bite. Svetya followed his gaze. He nodded and eyed her book.

“Studying from the past?” Deleph asked curiously, “I would have thought Yushkov burned them all.”

Svetya frowned at the usurper’s name but nodded in return.

“He did not move swiftly enough to destroy everything. Our people are resourceful. And… if I cannot learn from those before, am I not doomed to make the same mistakes?” Svetya asked while she traced the spine of the history book with a finger.

“A fair point, your highness. Yet, yours is a destiny not at all like theirs,” Deleph said. His tone was amiable but serious.

Svetya leaned forward on her chair and met Deleph’s gaze.

“Because I am an anomaly to your abilities?” Svetya asked.

“Not just that, but it does give me pause. Your paths start to branch, then suddenly cease. And yet… everyone else… the pain when I look at them… it’s unbearable most times,” Deleph replied. His words fell away and he glanced at the apple like it could save him.

Svetya’s mind filled with images of the crazed, angry, and violent man she had rescued from that dark cave and his equally dark fate. How long had Severin kept him prisoner? How long had his gifts to see beyond been abused and twisted? She pushed away the thoughts of Deleph’s suffering to focus on the man before her.

He was on the mend and each day she felt more certain her choice in mercy had been the correct one.

“My Lady?” a guard’s gruff voice interrupted her thoughts from the library’s entrance. His eyes warily glanced at Deleph but the seer paid him no mind.

“Yes?” Svetya asked.

“A request has been made for an audience with you. It’s… an emissary from Argenport,” the guard said with unease in his tone.

Svetya’s warm smile vanished and she held back a scowl.

“Shall I come with you?” Deleph asked. Svetya gave him a quizzical look.

“I can look them over. Perhaps my gifts can give insight into just where their paths may lead, give you aid to discern what they might seek? It’s the least I can do, for all you’ve done for me,” Deleph offered.

Svetya thought over her options, looked over Deleph again, then nodded.

“We’ll at least meet them,” she said and stood up. She slipped the apple back into her pocket and hoped not to regret trusting the seer so swiftly.

Svetya sat in her throne with a hard grip on its arms before she forced herself to relax. She held her rage inward for the time being.

“To what do I owe the… pleasure of the presence of a ruler of Argenport?” Svetya asked flatly. She leaned against the throne and her gaze remained locked on Vara. Formalities and pleasantries would hold in the words she said but not in her tone.

Svetya watched Vara stand unfazed before her and reply in a calm manner.

“I come seeking aid in a matter requested from Talir, Arch Magister of the Praxis Arcanum, regarding-” Vara began and paused. Her gaze flicked over to Deleph.

Svetya glanced toward the seer and took a breath to calm herself further. His relaxed demeanor had been replaced with equal parts curiosity and anxiety. He stared at Vara intensely.

“Your advisor looks troubled, if I may say, Orene,” Vara said lightly. Svetya looked between Deleph and Vara. Seconds later Svetya saw realization come over Deleph.

He leapt from his seat at the side of the throne.

“You!” he roared and barreled toward Vara. “You… abandoned me!”

Svetya pushed off of the throne to toss herself forward. She collided into Deleph and knocked him to the ground just in front of Vara.

The shadow mage had tugged a blade from its sheath. The weapon hung dangerously close to Deleph’s face. Svetya held Deleph and she looked up to see Vara’s features were a mix of confusion and pain. Then that same realization Deleph had felt came over Vara.

“I… I… don’t… Wait. Coslo?” her voice came quiet and small. It was Svetya’s turn for a rush of confusion. The Orene watched a torrent of emotions cross over Vara’s features. Fear, anxiety, uncertainty, doubt. Then the mask of calm was forced back in its place as Vara gritted her teeth to regain resolve.

“Her paths, they don’t…” Deleph growled as he was shoved to the ground, held in place by Svetya. “They don’t branch. Like yours. That’s how I know her. I know her! She left me!”

Svetya kept her grip strong and steady and spoke as calmly as she could manage.

“Coslo… please, not as Orene but as your friend… I ask you to please calm yourself. She will not harm you. I swear it. You have my word,” she said. Svetya felt Deleph’s body relax after a number of long, tense moments.

She released her grip and kept a wary eye on the seer.

“Do you even remember?” Deleph asked. Vara nodded.

“Yes, but I only partly understand it…” Vara said and took a breath. Svetya noted her shaking, then Vara flexed her fingers around her blade to calm herself.

“Is there a more relaxed setting to continue this… discussion?” she asked.

“There is… much to discuss, much to… even piece together,” Vara said. Her now cold gaze remained on Deleph.

Svetya stood up, helped Deleph to his feet, and wordlessly guided the two of them to the library.

The long silence after the combined explanation of Deleph and Vara stretched out longer than Svetya wanted.

“So this Eremot, it is gone? And so is this… other place?” Svetya asked and looked between the two. Both had looks of uncertainty. Vara gave a noncommittal shrug.

“I’m still investigating that. By all accounts no one but myself knew what happened. I thought it was only a twisted dream… well, until today,” Vara said.

“And both she and I,” Svetya started and motioned toward herself and the shadow mage.

“Yes. When I look upon either of you… there is nothing but… yourselves. The branches cease, like a tree that grows ever upward but never outward. Like a pillar,” Deleph said with a wary glance to Vara.

“And you seek aid from my people?” Svetya asked and turned her attention to Vara.

“You, specifically. I need a guide I can trust so I can look over the Waystones that hold back the Shadowlands,” Vara said. “Talir… has reason to believe they may be in danger.”

Svetya nodded and added to her mental ledger of threats to Kosul. She mentally sifted through the parcels of information that weighed on her before she responded.

“Argenport turned me away, broke our treaty, did nothing for me. Why should I help you?” Svetya barely held back the rush of venom that threatened to hit her words.

“I offer Argenport’s information brokers and the connections I have with them. I’ve heard you search for someone named Severin,” Vara replied without hesitation. Svetya’s eyes narrowed at the mention of the star-reader.


“My connections are far better informed than I in that regard and their reach goes beyond Argenport’s borders. I can get you a full report on his activities, his movements. I can get you everything we know about the man that incited the rebellion,” Vara said.

“The man who had my family killed,” Svetya corrected. Vara gave a nod in condolence. Svetya looked away to keep memories from bubbling to the surface and noted Deleph deep in thought.

“I can help,” Deleph said after a long moment.

“My powers… I think they interact with the Waystones. I can… possibly tell if they’ve been tampered with,” he said.

Svetya followed Vara’s gaze. It always returned to Deleph. Out of fear? Confusion? She looked at him like the man would disappear in an instant. As if his existence were a trick of the light. Svetya felt the glances somewhat warranted given what she had learned.

Silence held over the library for a time as the two rulers thought over Deleph’s proposal. Vara spoke first.

“Dele… Coslo,” she spoke slowly and took a breath to calm herself. “If this is true, then it occurs to me that… after we investigate the Waystones…”

She paused and Svetya watched Deleph’s eyes hold steady on Vara with curiosity.

“It may be useful to speak to Talir of the Praxis Arcanum. To better understand… well everything,” she finished. Did she mean his powers? The Waystones? Whatever had happened with Eremot? Svetya held her tongue and let the questions lay still. For now her focus remained on Severin.

Deleph tapped his fingers on the solid table before the trio. Once more silence held as he ruminated. A slow stretch of seconds later followed and Deleph answered.

“Yes. I can do that,” he finally responded.

“Thank-” Vara started but Deleph cut her off.

“Not for you. For my friend, Svetya. If she decides to help you,” he said curtly.

Svetya looked at each of them. Another uncertainty hung over her with nothing but her intuition as a guide. Another choice, another chance for regret and folly. She took a bite of her apple. It still tasted sweet but the warm memory of the past felt so very far away.

Papa could not help her. This was hers alone to decide.

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Heroic Invocation!

Bring your favorite two-faction Throne deck and see what the heroes of Myria can do for you. In this event, at the start of your third turn, you’ll be given a choice of three heroes to create and draw, including brand-new heroes from the upcoming Cold Hunt expansion!

As you progress, you’ll earn packs from the upcoming Cold Hunt expansion as well as premium rares & legendaries from throughout Eternal’s history

Here are the full event details:

  • Prepare your best two-faction Throne deck to join the event.
  •  At the start of your third turn, you’ll be given a choice of three heroes to create and draw, including heroes from the upcoming Cold Hunt expansion!
  • The Heroic Invocation Event costs 4,000 Gold or 300 Gems to enter.
  • Each entry consists of one run. In each run you will play until you lose 3 games, or reach 10 wins.
  • Players may enter the event any number of times using any faction, but only the best record in each faction will be kept for the Leaderboard.
  • The event will begin Friday, November 5th at 10:00 AM MDT (16:00 UTC) and end Thursday, November 11th at 1:00 AM MST (08:00 UTC).

Run Rewards

All packs come from Cold Hunt. Win some games and you’ll have some brand new cards ready once Cold Hunt releases on November 11th!

Wins       Prizes
        10         8 packs, 1 x Premium Legendary, 1 x Premium Rare
9 8 packs, 2 x Premium Rare
8 7 packs, 2 x Premium Rare
7 6 packs, 2 x Premium Rare
6 6 packs, 1 x Premium Rare, 1 x Rare
5 5 packs, 1 x Premium Rare, 1 x Rare
4 5 packs, 1 x Premium Rare
3 4 packs, 1 x Premium Rare
2 4 packs, 1 x Rare
1 4 packs
0 3 packs

Leaderboard Rewards

The leaderboards for this event will are split by faction and will be visible on the Eternal website. Players may run any number of times using any faction, but only the best record in each faction will be kept. Rewards for leaderboards will be granted after the event!

Rank       Prizes
1-10   4 Packs, 2 x Gold Chest
11-50   2 Packs, 1 x Gold Chest, 1 x Silver Chest
51-100   1 Pack, 2 x Silver Chest
101+   2 x Silver Chest

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