Introducing Eternal Chapters!

Introducing Eternal Chapters!

A whole new way to experience the story of Eternal is now available with Eternal Chapters! Each Chapter will take place over the course of a month, with a new story-focused Mission for players to complete each week. These Chapter Missions let players follow the story of Eternal and earn exclusive alternate arts and promo cards!

Chapter Missions

Each month, a new Chapter will be available to all Eternal players. Each Chapter will focus on a specific story from the world of Eternal, split into four Missions. Each week, a new Mission will be released, and players will be able to battle an AI opponent to advance the story, and earn that week’s promo card! Each Chapter Mission promo card will be either a new card related to the chapter, or a special alternate art version of a classic card!

Introducing Chapter promos with a roar is Cora, Thundering Steps!

Chapter promo cards cannot be crafted. They can only be obtained through Chapter Missions or by purchasing a Chapter Catch-Up Bundle.

Heroic Upgrade

Each Chapter will also have a Heroic Upgrade that can be purchased for 1000 Gems and includes:

  • The Chapter’s unique theme deck
  • 4x premium copies of each of the Chapter’s promo cards (16 total premium cards)
  • The Chapter’s unique premium avatar

Premium cards will be granted immediately after purchase for any Missions in a Chapter that a player has completed at the time of purchase. Upcoming premium cards in the Chapter will be granted after a player beats the associated Mission, or at the end of the month.

Catch-Up Bundle

Chapter Missions are only freely available during the month they are released, but for players who miss out on playing the Chapter and earning its promo cards, a special Chapter Catch-Up Bundle will be available in the Eternal store for 2500 Gold or 250 Gems.

A Chapter Catch-Up Bundle will include 4x of all four promo cards from their Chapter, as well as the ability to play that Chapter’s Missions in a future update!

Note: While players will always be able to purchase a Catch-Up Bundle to get copies of promo cards they missed, the only way to receive premium copies of a Chapter’s promo cards and its Chapter Avatar are to purchase the Heroic Upgrade for that Chapter while it is active.

First Time Bonus

As a special bonus, the first time a player completes a Chapter Mission, they will receive that Chapter’s theme deck for free and that month’s Heroic Upgrade price will be reduced to 500 Gems! That means everyone playing the March 2022 Chapter will receive the Cora’s Protection Theme Deck!

Cora's Protection


  • 2 x Araktodon Egg
  • 2 x Permafrost
  • 3 x Predator's Instinct
  • 3 x Pteriax Mount
  • 4 x Seek Power
  • 1 x Accelerate
  • 2 x Saddled Serasaur
  • 2 x Scaly Gruan
  • 3 x Teleport
  • 2 x Trail Maker
  • 2 x Twinning Ritual
  • 3 x Baying Serasaur
  • 1 x Forestall
  • 2 x Infuse with Venom
  • 3 x Voracious Fosora
  • 1 x Insatiable Serasaur
  • 2 x Mature Avirax
  • 4 x Cora, Thundering Steps
  • 1 x Evelina, Valley's Guardian
  • 1 x Learn to Bite
  • 1 x Deafening Stampede
  • 2 x Adaptive Predator
  • 1 x Belching Behemoth
  • 2 x Blurred Stygimoloch
  • 9 x Time Sigil
  • 8 x Primal Sigil
  • 4 x Elysian Banner
  • 4 x Seat of Wisdom

75 cards

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Eternal Chapters provide a new way for players to earn cards and experience Eternal‘s story! Log in today to play the first Mission of this month’s Chapter and earn yourself a free theme deck and the Cora, Thundering Steps promo card!