Memory of Defiance Bundle!

Memory of Defiance Bundle!

Get caught up on premium content from Eternal’s history!

Starting today, September 30, for a limited time you can claim items formerly lost to time with the Memory of Defiance Bundle!

  • Update The Memory of Defiance bundle is now available to all players regardless of ownership of the included avatars! Due to popular demand, all players should now be able to buy the bundle. Please be aware that the bundle comes as is and is not eligible for discounts or refunds!

The heroes included in this limited time bundle are:

  • Cursed Prophet Deleph
  • Justa, Regglar Jotun
  • Milos, Unwavering Idealist
  • Mokhnati, Restored
  • Star-Reader Severin
Every hero in the bundle comes with:
  • 1x Premium Avatar
  • 1x Premium card back
  • 4x Premium promo cards

But wait! There’s more! 

Every bundle comes with 1 box of Defiance which entails 32 packs with 3 Legendaries guaranteed!

Claim all five before they disappear again.