New Event: Spring QCP Challenge!

New Event: Spring QCP Challenge!

Fight for in-game prizes and QCP in this Expedition Tournament!

Use your best Expedition deck to play 28 qualifying games! Players are awarded prizes based on their final record, and the Top 64 players will continue on to a Finals round the next day!

Here’s what you need to know:

This is a competitive event that anyone can play in! Looking to try out competitive, or practice for a future ECQ? This is your opportunity, while also earning sweet in-game prizes at the same time!

The first round lasts from 10:00 AM MST (17:00 UTC) on Friday 3/6/2020 to 4:00 PM MST (23:00 UTC) on Saturday 3/7/2020. During that time, play 28 games win-or-lose! There are increasing prizes for every win, so playing every game is your best chance for a good record. Choose your best Expedition deck at entry, because you will use if for the entire run!

After the first round, the top 64 players with the best scores on the leaderboard will be invited to play in the Finals, which will take place the very next day! Finalists will get a notification in-game after the end of the first round. The Top 64 players will use the same deck to fight their way up a single-elimination bracket for top standing! Starting at 11:00 AM MST (17:00 UTC) sharp on Sunday, Finalists will receive an automated invite to join their match! Aim to be online before then so you don’t miss out!

  • The QCP Spring Challenge event uses 75-card constructed decks in the Expedition format.
  • The event costs 11,000 Gold or 900 Gems to enter.
  • Each run is 28 games, win or lose.
  • You may only enter once!
  • The Top 64 players will be invited to the Finals on Sunday.
  • The first round of the QCP Spring Challenge event will run from Friday 3/6/2020 at 10:00 AM MST (17:00 UTC) to Saturday 3/7/2020 at 4:00 PM MST (23:00 UTC).
  • Finals will begin at 11:00 AM MST (17:00 UTC) on Sunday.
  • Note: Dire Wolf is located in a part of the world which observes daylight savings time, which begins Sunday March 8th, this is why the Finals on Sunday appear to have a different start time.
  • Expedition points will be awarded for performance in the Qualifiers. These are used to upgrade the Expedition Card Back!


Run Rewards


       Wins       Prizes
        15+ 15 packs, 2 Premium Rares, 5 QCP
        11-14 14 packs, 1 Premium Rare, 1 Rare
        6-10 13 packs. 1 Premium Uncommon, 1 Rare
2-5 12 packs, 1 Premium Uncommon
0-1 10 packs of Echoes of Eternity 

Leaderboard Rewards


Rank       Prizes
1 10 packs, 2 Diamond Chests, 75 QCP
2 8 packs, 1 Diamond Chest, 1 Gold Chest, 75 QCP
3-4 7 packs, 2 Gold Chests, 75 QCP
5-8 6 packs, 1 Gold Chest, 1 Silver Chest, 25 QCP
9-16 5 packs, 2 Silver Chests, 25 QCP
17-32 4 packs, 1 Silver Chest, 15 QCP
33-64 3 packs, 15 QCP

Good luck and have fun!