New Event: Trick or Treat!

New Event: Trick or Treat!

Trick…or treat? I choose both.

— Voprex, probably

This Halloween, see what tricksy treats are in store in a special alt-art Throne event!

Knock knock! When one or more units hit the enemy player, choose either a Trick or a Treat. A Trick puts 2 Firebombs in to your opponent’s deck, and a Treat draws a card for each player.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Trick or Treat event uses 75-card constructed decks in the Throne format.
  • The event costs 6,000 Gold or 500 Gems to enter.
  • Each run continues until you receive 7 wins or 3 losses.
  • Your first three runs count towards your standing on the Event Leaderboard.
  • The Trick or Treat event will run from 10/31 to 11/6.
  • Note: This event does not grant QCP.

Run Rewards

       Wins       Prizes
           7 8 packs, 1 Gold Chest, 1 Premium Rare
6 8 packs, 1 Gold Chest, 1 Rare
5 7 packs, 1 Gold Chest, 1 Rare
4 6 packs, 1 Gold Chest, 1 Rare
3 6 packs, 1 Gold Chest
2 6 packs, 1 Silver Chest
1 5 packs, 1 Silver Chest
0 5 packs of The Flame of Xulta

Leaderboard Rewards

In addition to the Leaderboard rewards below, everyone who goes Trick or Treating will receive four alternate-art copies of Argenport Ringmaster!


        Rank       Prizes
       1-50 1 Diamond Chest, 1 Gold Chest
51-200 2 Gold Chests
201-500 1 Gold Chest, 1 Silver Chest
501-1000 2 Silver Chests
1001-2000 1 Silver Chest

Get into costume and make some mischief when the Trick or Treat event begins on Thursday!