New Event: Wild Forces

New Event: Wild Forces

New beings and people have begun to emerge from the Shadowlands. What do they want? Are they wanderers? Invaders? Refugees?

Will you oppose these new forces… or conscript them?

Take control of these Wild Forces on Thursday, April 25, when a new event goes live in Eternal! The Wild Forces event comes with a special rule:

At the start of each turn, create and play a random unit whose cost is equal to the turn number. After 7 turns, the random created unit will have a cost of 7 or more.

  • The preconstructed deck provided for Wild Forces is all Power cards.
  • Each run costs 1,200 gold or 100 gems, and players may enter any number of times.
  • Each run consists of 5 games, win or lose, with a preconstructed deck.
  • There is no leaderboard for this Event, but each run has a minimum reward of 1 Bronze chest and 1 pack of Defiance, with additional rewards for additional wins!
  • Wild Forces begins on Thursday, April 25, and runs through Wednesday, May 1.

The borders of the world are shifting. Prepare for anything as the Wild Forces appear tomorrow!