New Playmats from Dire Wolf!

New Playmats from Dire Wolf!

Your very first opportunity to decorate your setup with gorgeous artwork from Eternal!

  • Keep your cards looking like new! Use them for our physical card games like Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne and its upcoming expansion, Gold and Steel!
  • Give your computers some new mousepads!
  • Frame them for the walls of your home office!
  • Deal them out as placemats for the dinner table!
  • Show off your status in the Eternal community!

They’re made from polyester fabric and neoprene and machine washable (delicate/gentle cycle). Lay flat to air dry. Each one measures approximately 14” tall x 24” wide.

Hunt for Curiox

“You gotta rise up, if you don’t want to get cut down.”

Join Jekk in his hunt for Curiox. There’s no bigger game than a dragon, no badder dragon than Curiox. (Well, Voprex may have something to say about this…)


“I have seen beyond”

Bring the Arch-Magister of the Praxis Arcanum into your home with this portal to another time and place. Okay, it’s actually just a playmat / mousepad, but with your IMAGINATION…

Eternal Throne

Icaria swore an oath to defend the Eternal Throne against any threat, no matter the cost. Can you claim the Eternal Throne? Shuffle your deck and take your chances now!


Get your playmats now with all the other swag like T-shirts and pins in the DWD Store!