New Promo: Lastlight Judgement

New Promo: Lastlight Judgement

Darkness comes for Xulta!

Eremot’s laughter drifted through the air as its nightmares swarmed up the slopes of Sol’s Altar. The defenders fled before them, and the slowest were trampled and torn apart as shadow-drunk cultists fought with twisted paladins to be at the head of the charge. From the summit, a desperate horn sounded, calling the survivors to regroup. If their forces fell here, Eremot would have the Xultan Throne. They had to hold.

The remaining dragons circled overhead, their forms wreathed in darkness. Slowly, Voprex rose to join them, the scales along his flank charred by Galai's fire. Shavka’s Listener stood on the slope, the ground beneath him glowing with heat as he tried to slow the rising tide around him. Incarnus crouched next to him, firing shot after shot from her heavy hunter’s bow.

Until her hand closed on the last arrow in her quiver, and she looked up at Galai, eyes wide with fear.

Panting, Gnash pulled himself over the rim of the crater in the center of the summit, and gingerly laid the Tale Keeper down on the cracked stone. Her blue robes were stained with blood, and her wrinkled face was pale.

“What took her?” Woda asked, his voice rumbling with anger as a young Xultan healer rushed to the old woman’s side.

This is our land.

“Eloz,” Gnash said, shaking his head. “Eremot’s influence… it was everywhere.” Screams echoed up from the below as he looked to the Listener. “What can we do?”

Woda’s response was swift. Striding to the edge of the summit, the Listener raised a hand and slammed it into the earth. The ground shook, and long fissures opened, shooting towards the oncoming horde. At his side, Blitrok raised her voice in song. The skies responded, filling with heavy clouds, as thunder answered the earthquake and lightning tore down from the sky. Cultists screamed, some tumbling into the cracks in the earth as others were felled by searing bolts. Dragons shrieked as lightning pierced their wings. In the midst of the storm, Eloz stood, his eyes burning with Eremot’s malice.

Across the battlefield, Incarnus saw the paladin’s armored form outlined by savage lightning. Tendrils of darkness swirled around him as Eremot pushed its forces onward.

“For Makkar!” the Listener cried over the sudden winds. Drawing her last barbed arrow, she pulled the bowstring back and exhaled. In the moment between one burst of thunder and the next, she fired. The arrow arced across the battlefield and plunged into the former paladin’s eye. Eloz crumpled, and the shadows around him howled in pain.

As the survivors cheered, Voprex swooped low through the storm. Fire rained down, and their cries quickly turned to screams. The dragon’s eyes shone with triumphant rage as he roared. Beneath him, Eremot’s nightmares began to pull themselves onto the plateau’s wide summit. They were met by Xultan steel, but for every horror that they cut down, another would rise and take its place.

“Enough,” Ezuzi said, and raised his staff. Sol’s fading light glinted off its golden feathers, and the winds faded. As nightmares closed in, the clouds parted, revealing a flock of figures silhouetted in front of the red sun.

“The outcasts!” a warrior shouted. Weapons gleamed in their hands as the exiles dove, surging towards Voprex on gryffyn and qirin. The dragon snapped at riders as they passed, hurling a volley of spears at his eye.

From the thick of the fighting, Galai turned towards Ezuzi and bellowed, “Strange allies you keep!”

Ezuzi returned the smile. “I offered them a chance to return.” Overhead, the outcasts wheeled on their mounts and charged again. “To feel Kodosh’s breeze on their face once again.”

This ends.

The words tore at the mind of everyone who could hear. Sol’s light seemed to dim as more nightmares stepped from the growing shadows. Tall, twisted shapes, each one with long talons and a toothy grin. Your fears are eternal, Eremot whispered. And so am I. 

Ezuzi grimaced and put a hand to his ear. It came away bloody. As the nightmares cut their way through screaming fighters, Eremot crowed, You cannot win. Xulta is mine. The Throne will be mine.

The nightmares were relentless.

An hour later, and the survivors had been forced back into the crater in the center of Sol’s Altar. Outcast fought beside gladiator fought beside shaman on the rocky rim as the seething tide of nightmares pressed ever closer.

“Eremot’s forces are endless,” Woda coughed as Blitrok wrapped damp bandages around his blackened and burnt arm. “And the earth has gone silent.”

“Our lines will not hold,” Incarnus concurred, clutching a bloodied axe in one hand. “This is not a hunt. This is a slaughter.”

“I refuse to die in the dark,” Galai muttered, exhausted.

Behind them, a minotaur screamed as a nightmare leapt for her throat.

“The dark…” Blitrok said quietly. The Listener’s eyes snapped open, and she raised her head. Sol hung large in the sky, their fires muted. “If Eremot has been the architect of Xulta’s woes, what was Sol’s role in this tragedy?” She asked, thoughtfully.

“To witness our end,” Woda rumbled, “and see their work finished.”

Blitrok held up a finger. “For all their rage, they did create Xulta. Perhaps… perhaps they seek to lend aid.” She gestured to the horde. “A light to pierce the darkness.”

A light to pierce the darkness.

“That is heresy!” Incarnus hissed.

“Heresy is allowing the Ancestors’ children to be slaughtered,” Blitrok snapped. “Our people are dying. We must adapt.”

Incarnus looked from Blitrok to Woda, who grimaced, and Galai, who nodded slowly. “Fire can scar, but it can also cleanse.

Makkar’s Listener cursed and pushed herself to her feet. “I cannot be a part of this. I will join Ezuzi on the front lines and buy you time.” She hefted her axe and turned to Blitrok. “If you are right… make it quick.” With a roar, Incarnus hurled herself into the carnage.

In the silence that followed, the three Listeners rose and stood next to the Throne at the top of Sol’s Altar.

“If we do this, Xulta burns,” Woda rumbled. As he spoke, his gem tattoos flared with angry orange light.

“Better to burn than drown in fear,” Galai replied. “We will forge something stronger from the ashes.” Bright light filled his gems as well, and he turned to Blitrok. “How do we do this?”

The Throne!

“Give me your hands,” she said urgently, her tattoos beginning to smolder. Galai did so, and Woda followed, wincing as Blitrok grabbed his wounded arm. Slowly, she raised her face to the sky and spoke, her lips moving in a desperate plea that was lost in the din of battle.

There was a cry from the bloody line of Xulta warriors as a shape passed overhead. Ezuzi bellowed, “Look out!” as, wings extended, Voprex hurtled toward the trio of Listeners. His eyes burned with bloodlust, and Eremot’s whispers intensified.

The Throne!

As the dragon’s mouth opened, Sol’s dim light began to grow, and Galai heard Blitrok say, “Ancestors forgive us.”

As one, the Listeners called for aid.

Sol answered.

The sun flared with blinding light, and Voprex’s roar of pain mingled with Eremot’s scream of rage as shadows leapt for the Throne.

The sky burned.


Everything burned.


And the world grew dark.

In the night that followed, survivors gathered around a single bonfire. Its feeble flame cast just enough light to see the corpse of Voprex, crumpled and unmoving on the cracked and blackened earth. The nightmares were gone, burned away with Sol’s last breath.

A bloodied gladiator draped a singed cloak over a young Xultan girl, who sat cradling the Tale Keeper’s broken staff in her hands. Shoulders still shaking, she looked up at Gnash, who nodded gruffly.

As more gathered around the meager flame, the girl began to speak. Her voice was weak at first, but some tales deserve to be told from the beginning.

“Sol was mother and father to the world…”


Lastlight Judgement Promo Quest

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  • During the quest period, your first PvP win of the day will reward you with a copy of Lastlight Judgement.
  • Once the promo period is over, you’ll be able to craft Lastlight Judgement using Shiftstone as normal.
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Lastlight Judgement


  • 1 x Reap
  • 4 x Draw Strength
  • 4 x Seek Power
  • 2 x Cull the Deck
  • 3 x Defile
  • 4 x Eloz's Elite
  • 2 x Immortalize
  • 4 x Shardbinder
  • 2 x Touch of Resilience
  • 3 x Bottled Storm
  • 1 x Cast into Shadow
  • 2 x Nivia's Inquisitor
  • 1 x Pack Conjuring
  • 2 x Proselytize
  • 2 x Storm of Feathers
  • 4 x Waystone Gate
  • 1 x Shen-Ra Speaks
  • 3 x Valkyrie Denouncer
  • 1 x Linrei's Kiss
  • 4 x Lastlight Judgement
  • 1 x Fire Sigil
  • 3 x Time Sigil
  • 3 x Justice Sigil
  • 2 x Primal Sigil
  • 4 x Shadow Sigil
  • 3 x Seat of Progress
  • 3 x Seat of Mystery
  • 1 x Seat of Order
  • 4 x Seat of Vengeance
  • 1 x Seat of Cunning

75 cards

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