New Sealed League: Chapter 65 – Syl’s Ambition

New Sealed League: Chapter 65 – Syl’s Ambition

A new Sealed League begins on April 1st, 2022 for Chapter 65: Syl’s Ambition!

To start, open eight packs and build a 45 card deck. Each week, you’ll open additional packs to modify your deck for the league! If you join after week one, catching up is no problem. You’ll get the packs you missed, and your limit on games that count towards the Leaderboard will increase.

Everyone who participates in the Sealed League will unlock the new premium Syl’s Ambition card back!

Sealed League

Each week of the Sealed League, you’ll get new packs to add to your pool!

  • Week 1: 4x Cold Hunt, 4x Argent Depths
  • Week 2: 2x Cold Hunt
  • Week 3: 2x Argent Depths
  • Week 4: 2x Cold Hunt

Minimum rewards for playing include:

  • 4 x Cold Hunt packs
  • 1 x premium Uncommon card
  • 1 x new premium card back upon entering the League

All packs awarded from the Sealed League will be packs of Cold Hunt. The cost to participate in this Sealed League is 12,500 Gold or 1,100 Gems.

Players can also enter into the Premium League for 5,000 Gems, which guarantees that every card from your League packs will be premium!

All players who enter will end up with at least 18 packs from the League (14 from play, and 4 from rewards), with the chance to earn up to 34 packs!

The Sealed League for Chapter 65: Syl’s Ambition begins on April 1st, 2022 and will run through April 30th.

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