New Sealed League: Far Horizons

New Sealed League: Far Horizons

A new Sealed League begins on Monday, 7/1 for Chapter 32: Far Horizons!

“She noticed the sun immediately. It was large; three, maybe four times the size she had been expecting, and hung heavy on the horizon.” 

Everyone who participates in the Sealed League will unlock the new premium Far Horizons card back!

Sealed League

  • When you join the Sealed League, you’ll get eight packs to build your starting deck (and they’ll help your Expedition decks too):
    • 5 x Dark Frontier
    • 1 x Defiance
    • 2 x The Empty Throne
  • Each week of the Sealed League, you’ll get new packs to add to your pool, for a total of 14 packs to play with!
    • Week 2: 2 packs of The Empty Throne.
    • Week 3: 2 packs of Defiance.
    • Week 4: 2 packs of Dark Frontier
  • Minimum rewards for playing include:
    • 4 x Dark Frontier
    • 1 x premium Uncommon card
    • 1 x new premium card back upon entering the League
  • The cost to participate in Sealed League is 12,500 Gold or 1,100 Gems.



So all players who enter will end up with at least 18 packs from the League (14 from play, and 4 from rewards).

The Chapter 32: Far Horizons League begins on July 1, 2019 and will run through July 31.

Get ready to crack some packs and build your way to victory!