New Set: The Flame of Xulta

New Set: The Flame of Xulta

A new world has been discovered beyond the Shadowlands. A world of ancient tales, living out its last days beneath a dying sun.

Explore Xulta, where gem-clad paladins channel great power to vanquish their foes, gladiators build their legacy in a grand arena, and where the mighty dragon Voprex, driven by nightmare, gathers the last of his kind for a savage assault.

The tales of the Ancestors hint at a mystery, a cataclysm lost to time, hidden within the jungle. Will it prove Xulta’s salvation… or will the world end in ash?

Get ready for 200+ new cards to come to Eternal when The Flame of Xulta releases in October!

The Flame of Xulta Spoilers



The Flame of Xulta introduces five exciting new mechanics to Eternal that will be revealed in full in the coming weeks. Spoilers will begin this weekend from PAX West – come visit us in Booth 6103 for a chance to get first crack at new cards coming from The Flame of Xulta!

Community Spoilers will return to the Community Store in September for 35,000 Influence each.

As with Dark Frontier, each batch of spoilers is small, and will be delivered to you via email within two business days. How and when you spoil your card is up to you — Reddit? Twitter? Shared with a favorite streamer on Twitch? — it’s all fair game, so have fun with it.

Get Ready for a New Expedition and a new Season!

With the upcoming release of The Flame of Xulta, the Expedition format will cycle out The Empty Throne, among other changes, and become part of the rotation for Eternal’s Organized Play offerings! Final details are still being sorted out, but we’re excited for Eternal‘s next chapter and upcoming season!

In the meantime, join the next Expedition event on September 6, with a prize pool of $1,000.

Here’s the first of the 200+ new cards to come!


Felrauk may have been cast out of Xulta for crimes against the Ancestors, but you can cast him out of your hand for fun and profit!

Honor the Ancestors when The Flame of Xulta releases in October!

Sol was Mother and Father to Xulta, and gave life to five children who became the Ancestors of all that would ever be.

The Ancestors grew strong under Sol’s blazing eye, and created children of their own, the people of Xulta. This made Sol angry, and jealous.

Sol grew large in their fury, angry enough to burn away all that they saw. But the Ancestors protected their young, and together they fought their parent to defend their children, mortally wounding Sol.

Sol is adrift. Dying. And as their light falters, the Shadows grow long. So, when night falls, Kodosh walks the wind to beg Sol for another dawn on our behalf: To return to the children of Xulta, to forgive the Ancestors who betrayed them.

That is why each day granted us is a precious thing: a gift of love and pain and sacrifice. And so we hold our family close and give thanks for Sol’s waning light.

We will honor our Ancestors, and keep their laws, until at last the world grows dark.

— “Promises by Firelight”