Omens of the Past Preview Event

Omens of the Past Preview Event

We’ve started to see the first spoilers from Omens of the Past…so let’s play some games with them!

This weekend, the Omens of the Past Preview Event lets you do battle with this week’s spoiler cards and earn Omens of the Past packs before release!

Omens of the Past brings five new alliances to Eternal, and this is their time to shine! To enter the Preview Event, you’ll need a deck containing ONLY cards from the Omens of the Past faction pairs:

  • Praxis (Fire/Time)
  • Hooru (Justice/Primal)
  • Argenport (Justice/Shadow)
  • Skycrag (Fire/Primal)
  • Xenan (Shadow/Time)

At the start of each game you’ll get four copies of one of this week’s preview cards shuffled into your deck! You can switch decks freely between games, so feel free to experiment with different combinations.

The cards are available just for this event – you don’t get to keep them – but you can earn Omens of the Past packs for playing and for performing well on the Leaderboard! (Packs will be able to be opened upon the full release of Omens of the Past.)

In addition to the standard prizes, at the end of the event each faction pair will crown a champion: whoever claims the best record across their first 21 games with each faction pair will earn a 4x premium playset of the spoiler card!

The Preview Event will run all weekend. We’ll see you in the game!