Play Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne at Gen Con!

Play Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne at Gen Con!

The countdown is on to the Gen Con pre-release of Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne!

Limited quantities of Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne will be available for the first time at Gen Con, before it’s in stores. To make sure you don’t miss out, you can reserve your pre-ordered copy now and pick it up at the show.

Even better, we’ll be teaching and demoing Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne all weekend at the Dire Wolf Digital booth (#2507), and running two fun, casual “learn to play” events:

No experience is required to play in the events – rules will be taught, and copies of Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne will be provided.

There will even be swag and prizes for participants, like the new Eternal: Chronicles t-shirt!

Whether you’re new to deck-building games or an old card-battler pro, Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne brings some exciting new twists to a deep strategic genre: should you block an incoming attack, or send your team on the offensive? Can your units take to the skies and fly over the enemy defenses to get in those last few points of damage?

In Eternal: Chronicles, you’ll need to be able to adapt your plans when the facts on the ground change. And, since the early days of Eternal, there’s rarely been a bigger fact-on-the-ground than this guy:

Sandstorm Titan immediately changes the combat landscape as soon as he hits the table. Nothing’s flying past him…he can block an incoming attacker and then swing back for five damage…you can even Warp him straight into play! He’s a bargain at 5 cost (anything less would just be ridiculous), and is sure to make an impact when he joins the fray…just hope it’s on your side!

See you in Indy!