Play for $50,000 in the Eternal World Championship

Play for $50,000 in the Eternal World Championship

The Last Four Seats Are Up For Grabs!

Next month the 2020 Eternal® World Championship puts a whopping $50,000 prize pool on the line as 24 players square off for cash and glory.

20 great players have already qualified, battling their way through stiff competition to earn their seat at Worlds. Now…it all comes down to this: Four seats remain. And all four are up for grabs in the Last Chance Qualifier during the Eternal Celebration!

Prize Pool

Place       Prizes
1 $15,000
2 $8,000
3-4 $3,500
5-8 $2,000
9-16 $1,000
17-24 $500

The World Championships will be taking place November 14th, 21st, and 22nd and featuring our Throne and Expedition constructed formats.

Every Card in the Game, Available for Free

As the most generous free-to-play card game, Eternal is breaking all the rules for our Last Chance Qualifier for Worlds with free access to every card ever released! No strings attached, create or login to your free account and you’ll be able to play anything you want.

Need a decklist? has a huge deck database and you can see the top 16 decklists from our most recent tournament here. And If you’re looking for players to discuss the tournament with, check out the Eternal Discord, the Eternal subreddit, or an Eternal streamer on Twitch.

When you’re ready to take your chance, check out the Eternal Celebration Worlds Qualifier event starting today. Until October 30th, in each event run you’ll do battle until you hit 7 wins or 3 losses. Once you hit that 7th win, you’ll be entered into our Last Chance Qualifier. You can enter as many times as you’d like to book your ticket.

After you’ve locked up your entry, the Last Chance Qualifier kicks off on October 30th. Play 28 matches in the event queue on the 30th and 31st. The best 64 records will join us on Sunday, November 1st for a single elimination bracket to award the top four each a World Championship Invite. And if you miss out, join us for the live broadcast at 11am MDT (17:00 UTC) on Twitch.

With every card in the game available now for free, there’s nothing standing in your way to reach the $50,000 Eternal World Championship!

Time to rise up or be cut down.