Root comes to Nintendo Switch!

Root comes to Nintendo Switch!

Root is now available on Nintendo Switch!

Award-winning digital board game Root comes to Nintendo Switch on November 16!

The highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch debut of the hit digital board game Root arrives in the woodland on Tuesday, November 16. Vibrantly adapted from Leder Games’ beloved tabletop classic, Root pits asymmetrical forest factions against one another in a strategic battle to rule the wild wood.

Currently available on Steam, the Apple AppStore and Google PlayRoot won the 2020 Board Game Geek Golden Geek Award for Best Board Game App, and has been widely regarded as one of the best new digital board game adaptations of recent years.

The fur is flying! Root has arrived on Nintendo Switch!

The Clockwork and Riverfolk expansions will be available in North America starting Friday, November 19th, and in Europe at the end of December.

Might makes right on Nintendo Switch! The battle begins November 16!

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