Root Update 1.28.0

Root Update 1.28.0

Patch Notes 1.28.0

Today’s Patch 1.28.0 contains bugfixes and performance improvements!

AI Improvements

  • Woodland Alliance will no longer overspend on Riverfolk Services.
  • Vagabond can no longer be attacked by Coalition partners.

Online Play Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Eyrie players couldn’t move to legal clearings.
  • Saving and Exiting when starting a battle with an unexhausted Sword will no longer result in an additional battle.
  • The timer correctly resets after Riverfolk choose cards to discard during opponent’s turns.
  • Fixed issues surrounding matches locking up during Battle.

Additional fixes

  • Favor cards no longer remove the Scorched Earth effect.
  • The second Vagabond now has the correct Reach value.
  • You are now able to review enemy hand sizes when deciding what player to choose with Better Burrow Bank.
  • Favor cards should no longer repeat.
  • Cards purchased from Riverfolk are now mozzable in the Action Log.
  • Vagabond character powers are now displayed more predominantly on the faction info screens.
  • Undoing during the evening as the Woodland Alliance no longer lets players craft using the same Sympathy token.

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