Sagrada Daily Challenges!

Sagrada Daily Challenges!

Looking for a new way to enjoy the stained-glass strategy of Sagrada?

Starting Wednesday, August 18, community-wide Daily Challenges arrive to test your artisanal acumen!

Each day, a new Daily Challenge presents all players with the same window pattern drawn from millions of possible combinations. To make sure that the playing field is as smooth and level as a perfectly glazed window, players will all receive the same tools and objectives, too!

Your single best performance from your first five attempts sets your score for the day. Compete to see how your masterpiece stacks up against the cunning crafters of the Sagrada community – top performers will receive gold, silver, or bronze badges to show off your skills!

Daily Challenges are a fun new twist on classic puzzling play. See how you stack up against community competition when Daily Challenges come to Sagrada!

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