Save on digital board games during the Steam #DigitalTabletopFest!

Save on digital board games during the Steam #DigitalTabletopFest!

The #DigitalTabletopFest has begun on Steam, and it’s a great time to score big savings on some great digital board games!

There’s a ton of awesome games participating in the festival, with panels and livestreams showing off some of the best digital board games out there! Be sure to join us to check out two Dire Wolf adaptations as we’re joined by our tabletop partners to talk (& play!) some sweet games:

Root (Wednesday 10/21 at 6pm Pacific) – Take a crash course in woodland warfare as Leder Games’ designer Cole Wehrle joins Dire Wolf for a look at bringing Root to digital life.

Sagrada (Thursday 10/22 at 7pm Pacific) – Dice drafting & window crafting as Ben Harkins of Floodgate Games joins Dire Wolf for a peek through the window of the digital adaptation of Sagrada.

(And be sure to check out the full schedule for more great games!)

Plus, until October 26 at 10am Pacific, you can grab your new favorite digital board game at a sweet discount:

Don’t miss out on great digital board game savings! Grab a new board game during the Steam #DigitalTabletopFest!