Shadowlands Stories Bundle Now Available!

Shadowlands Stories Bundle Now Available!


The Shadowlands Stories Bundle is now available! Get a great deal on cards and cosmetics from Eternal®‘s past!

Today’s 1/13 Update also includes a variety of bug fixes and improvements:

 Bug Fixes:

  • Match History now correctly labels Casual games.
  • Improved Shoaldredger’s translation in German.
  • Moldermuck copies are no longer permanently invulnerable to damage if the original was wielding a Regent’s Blade.
  • The Soaring Serpent is now properly listed in the list of achievements rather than listing To the Skies twice.
  • Grand Suppressor should now properly block Vadius, Proud Duelist’s summon ability.
  • Improved The Speaking Circle’s ability to play spells that have a selection modal.
  • Fixed an issue with Incineration’s damage dealing when Amplified.
  • From the Heavens now kills all units before playing the Valkyries from the Amplify.
  • Lynax, Moltenwing’s ability now properly allows different selections when multiple weapons are played at once.
  • Sharp Tactician no longer gets increased stats when blocked by an Aegis.
  • Battlemaster Kitaxius can properly grant Unblockable to relic weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with Talir, Timejumper’s VFX on the victory/defeat screen.
  • Arms Enthusiast should now grant Berserk to units when you play a weapon on them.
  • Improved the hinting of several spells when played from The Speaking Circle
  • Brash Flamespewer no longer has an erroneous fate hanger.
  • Cast Out now makes units with equal cost to their size.
  • Rotoscavenger now deals damage properly when multiple units are sacrificed.
  • Distortion Orb should now properly affect cards that enter the void after it is played.
  • The Speaking Circle is now differentiated in selection arrays to distinguish between different Agendas.
  • Cards that trigger when spells are played directly on them should now trigger once per Amplify spell.

Card Updates:

  • Improved Replication Cell’s hinting.
  • Improved Scythe Slash’s hinting.
  • Improved Shorthopper’s Market Crop.
  • Rota, Steyer’s Adjutant now has proper VO.
  • Improved Scrapmetal Fury’s Attack and Death VO.
  • Improved Grubbot’s Attack VO.
  • Improved Diabolic Machination’s ability prompt text.
  • Improved Rotoscavenger’s Attack and Death VO.
  • Arach, Razorshaper’s first ability now has proper VFX.
  • Improved the hinting of Frostbite.
  • Tactical Superiority now properly displays its Amplify prompt text.

General Improvements:

  • Improved Message of the Day support

The Shadowlands Stories Bundle is available for a limited time…get yours before it’s gone!